Devil’s Advocate: Where Was the Netflix Show Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is a Kuwaiti crime drama series that chronicles the life of a professional football player turned murderer. When his wife turns up dead in their house, he dials 911 and reaches out to the first responders about the situation. However, it comes back to bite him as it is he who gets accused of murdering his wife since he was the only one present at the crime scene. Now, a determined defense attorney chooses to go against popular opinion and defend the accused husband.

Originally titled ‘Muhamiat Alshaytan,’ the mystery show features compelling performances from a talented ensemble cast comprising Haya Abdel Salam, Ali Kakooli, Noor Al-Dulaimi, Muhammad Al Dousari, Nouf Al Sultan, and Sara Salah. The suspenseful series unfolds in Kuwait City in several interesting locations, including a football field, beaches, and the residence of the married couple. Therefore, it is understandable why you are interested in knowing where ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is filmed. In that case, we have got you covered!

Devil’s Advocate Filming Locations

‘Devil’s Advocate’ is filmed in Kuwait, particularly in and around Kuwait City. The principal photography seemingly commenced around the summer of 2022 and reportedly wrapped up in October of the same year. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix series!

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Devil’s Advocate’ are lensed across Kuwait City, which is where the story is based. The capital and largest city is situated right at the heart of the country on Kuwait Bay’s south shore. The production team travels in and around the city and sets up camp at various neighborhoods and streets to record different scenes against suitable backdrops.

Since one of the protagonists is a professional football player and there are quite a few football matches depicted in the show, the filming unit seemingly utilizes an actual football field to tape all the necessary scenes on location, with a huge crowd gathered around the field. Moreover, they even take their production to some beaches to lens the beach scenes in the show.

In the backdrop of several exterior scenes, you are bound to witness some popular and iconic buildings, monuments, or attractions. Some of them are the Al Hamra Firduos Tower, the Kuwait Towers, Seif Palace, Souq Sharg port Kuwait Downtown, and so on. Furthermore, besides ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ Kuwait City has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows. As a matter of fact, the locales of the country of Kuwait have been featured in ‘Kuwait Connection,’ ”The Exchange,’ ‘Alnamous,’ ‘Najd,’ ‘After the End,’ and ‘Who Killed $arah?!: Vol.1.’

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