Netflix’s Sugar Rush The Baking Point: All Filming Locations Explored

A spin-off of the series ‘Sugar Rush’ and the follow-up of ‘Sugar Rush Christmas,’ Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point’ is a Mexican cooking competition TV series that pits together six pairs of pastry chefs or bakers that go head-to-head against one another by preparing delicious desserts and recipes in a limited amount of time. In each episode, every pair takes on different challenges and attempts to do their best to impress the judges to advance to the next round. The least impressive team of two competent bakers is eliminated by the judges in each episode until only a single team of bakers is the last one standing in the grand finale.

The winning team not only gets the bragging rights but also takes home a grand cash prize. The reality show takes place in a visual and vibrant setting of an expansive kitchen. So, the indoor location where the contestants compete against each other makes the viewers curious to know where ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point’ is filmed.

Sugar Rush: The Baking Point Filming Locations

‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point’ is filmed in its entirety in Mexico, seemingly in Mexico City. Given the fact that the show involves all Mexican contestants, it makes sense that the filming unit decides to shoot the series in Mexico itself. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into the specific locations where the Netflix show is filmed!

Mexico City, Mexico

From the looks of it, the production team of ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point’ supposedly sets up camp in the capital and largest city of Mexico — Mexico City. They seemingly utilize the facilities of an expansive sound stage in one of the film studios located in and around the city. A couple of notable film studios in the country are Estudios Churubusco and Baja Studios.

Mexico City consists of a wide range of cuisines, which is a significant part of the country’s versatile culture. For instance, it is home to several restaurants that specialize in the regional cuisines of all of Mexico’s 31 states as well as several internationally recognized restaurants, such as Paris’ Au Pied de Cochon and Brasserie Lipp, Philippe, Nobu, Quintonil, Morimoto, and Pámpano, to name a few. Given the significant food scene in Mexico City, it makes for a suitable production location for a show like ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.’

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