Netflix’s Turn of the Tide: Filming Locations of the Portuguese Series

Image Credit: UKbar Filmes/Netflix

Inspired by actual events, Netflix’s ‘Turn of the Tide’ is a Portuguese action drama series created by Augusto Fraga that revolves around four friends whose fortunes change when a significant amount of cocaine arrives on the shore of their island. Eduardo is one of the four who sees this as a risky yet lucrative opportunity to make a bunch of cash and turn their dreams into reality by selling the on-shore cocaine for millions. Originally titled ‘Rabo de Peixe,’ the thriller show features several talented Portuguese actors, including José Condessa, Helena Caldeira, André Leitão, Rodrigo Tomás, and Maria João Bastos, whose heartfelt performances enhance the storyline further.

The picturesque and innocent beauty of the island is polluted when tons of cocaine wash ashore, and the four friends decide to make the most of it. Meanwhile, the relatively darker undertones against the backdrop of some colorful visuals and the open waters complement the overall vibe of the narrative, leaving the viewers curious about the filming sites of the drama show. If you have been wondering the same, we have got you covered!

Turn of the Tide: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Turn of the Tide’ is filmed in Portugal, especially in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Azores, Almada, and Alentejo. As per reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the action drama series commenced in May 2022 and wrapped up in September of the same year. Now, without further ado, let us take you through all the specific places where the four friends come across the cocaine and strategize to sell it for millions!

Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Portugal

A massive chunk of ‘Turn of the Tide’ is lensed in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, centered on the city of Lisbon, as the name suggests. The mainland locales of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, frequently feature through several episodes of the series. For instance, Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses – Delegação do Sul at Rua Manuel Bento de Sousa 3 and Rua da Junqueira 112 serve as important production locations.

The filming unit also utilizes other sites across the metropolitan area, including A Sela – Disco Dancing Bar at Estrada Municipal 1024, Estrada dos Quatro Marcos, CCI 23701, in Pinhal Novo, Hotel Estoril Eden at Av. Sabóia 209, in Estoril, Yacht Ben at Rua de Gaza 108, in Carcavelos, and the municipality of Cascais. In August 2022, they were spotted recording some important scenes for season 1 in Tapada Nacional de Mafra.

Azores, Portugal

Officially known as the Autonomous Region of the Azores, the Azores is an archipelago that comprises nine volcanic islands in the Macaronesia region. Of them, São Miguel Island, the largest in the Azores, is one of the primary shooting spots for ‘Turn of the Tide.’ Reportedly, the locales of several municipalities and towns feature throughout the series, such as Ribeira Grande, Sete Cidades, Furnas, Nordeste, Vila Franca do Campo, and Rabo de Peixe.

Other Locations in Portugal

For shooting purposes, the production team of ‘Turn of the Tide’ even travels to other locations across Portugal. A few key portions of the show are taped in and around Rua dos Zimbros 8, Charneca de Caparica, in the city and municipality of Almada. Besides, the premises of Aeroporto de Beja, in Alentejo’s Beja, appear in some scenes of the Netflix series.

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