Where is Patricia Logan Now?

Netflix’s ‘Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal’ is a true-crime documentary film that chronicles the nationwide conspiracy that facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and bribing coaches to help applicants’ acceptance into elite universities. As the mastermind behind the whole thing, William “Rick” Singer is alleged to have received more than $25 million from the wealthy parents willing to take the “side door” and ensure their kids’ entry into the top schools. However, apart from them, the one person who captured our attention the most here is Patricia Logan, Rick’s friend, business associate, and former romantic partner.

Who is Patricia Logan?

According to Patricia Logan’s accounts, she met William “Rick” Singer on an online dating site when she was 53-years-old. It was the first time she had logged onto it, so when Rick messaged her, and they connected, she couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Of course, before meeting him, Patricia looked him up online and was impressed right away. After seeing the website for his The Key Worldwide Foundation, which promoted the aim of providing opportunities to the underprivileged, she said she thought of him as “a go-getter” who was “out there doing something good.”

But perhaps the thing they bonded over the most was their early work, which they both started at the age of 12. While Patricia ran a paper route, Rick paid older kids to buy him alcohol, which he then sold to his peers for a profit. However, although they seemed serious, their relationship fizzled out once Patricia realized that he worked non-stop. She said Rick never had time to stick around for longer than necessary and that he appeared to be hiding a lot of his life from her. Therefore, there was no chance for them to get closer or even consider the possibility of a future together.

Where is Patricia Logan Now?

Because Patricia and Rick parted ways on amicable terms, when he called her one year down the line and said that he had a business proposition for her, she heard him out. They discussed her marketing skills in different industries, and he offered to let her open and run one of the offshoot companies for his coaching business, which Patricia thought was a great idea. They met and talked shop before Rick tried to make a move on her once again, but she honestly told him that although he was charismatic, they would never work because of how invested he was in his businesses.

Fortunately, as Patricia was never involved in any of the actual workings of Rick’s schemes, when the whole scandal blew up, she didn’t have to worry about getting into the legalities of it all. But her heart still sank upon learning the truth. Now, Patricia is back to normalcy and working as the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Strong and Healthy Companies in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Arizona State University graduate has over 25 years of leadership experience and has even served as a Grabbagreen Fast Casual Franchise Restaurants’ owner and manager.

According to Patricia Logan’s LinkedIn profile, she is very passionate about accommodating and supporting the less fortunate, considering it to be her “life’s mission to help empower the vulnerable among us.”

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