Where is Pranav Patel From The Mole Now?

As a reboot of the undeniably beloved ABC competition series of the same name, which in itself is based on the Belgian original ‘De Mol,’ Netflix’s ‘The Mole’ is as riveting as it is bewildering. That’s because it follows 12 players — technically, 11 and a “mole” — as they undertake a set of challenges to hopefully walk away with a cash prize, all the while trying to uncover the saboteur’s identity. Amongst them in this debut installment was New Jersey native Pranav Patel — so now, if you wish to learn more about him as well as his current standing, we’ve got the key details for you.

Pranav Patel’s The Mole Journey

Although Pranav had a gut feeling he would have a target on his back from the very beginning owing to his sheer academic intelligence, it doesn’t appear as if he was ever really bothered by it. After all, everything essentially shined a light upon his true character as an incredibly smart and socially driven youngster with a background in biomedical engineering, dance, as well as athletics. The then-law school student’s strength was thus a blend of his innate competitiveness and calmness, only to then be evidenced at nearly every step of the way throughout the intricate missions.

Pranav’s core strategy, on the other hand, was to understand his fellow players’ motives and actions in real time with the help of a trusted ally or two, leading him directly toward Avori Henderson. Even his answers to the elimination quizzes were based on a similar observational concept, albeit he “play[ed] the majority” by not catering “to one specific person,” but things changed once Avori got involved. Her (sometimes deliberate) dubious conduct made her creep up on his suspicion list, which actually affected his answers to such an extent he ended up getting eliminated in episode 6.

Where is Pranav Patel Now?

From what we can tell, upon graduating from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical/Medical Engineering back in 2015, Pranav expanded his wings in every way imaginable. He not just attended Harvard University for a Biological Sciences graduation program (2015-2016), but he also went to The George Washington University- Milken Institute School of Public for a Master’s in Public Health (2016-2018). He then moved on to the University of Florida- Fredric Levin College for a Juris Doctorate (2019-2022), where he found his true calling by mixing creativity, music, and health as an attorney.

Therefore, today, at the age of 29, Pranav is based in Boston, Massachusetts, where he serves as an Intellectual Property Associate at Lando & Anastasi, specifically the Chemical/Materials Practice Group. Though it’s imperative to note he even dabbles in space law, healthcare law, bioethics, public health, engineering design, biomedical product development, and public speaking. As if that’s not enough, Pranav is also a digital content creator as well as a Dancepreneur — he’s actually the co-founder of AfroDesi (established in 2018), which blends Afro and Indo music movements to bring people together. Then coming to his personal life, it appears as if he’s happily involved with a woman named Sabrina Drezek at the moment.

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