Where is Prosecutor Dana Cummings Now?

In June 2019, then 17-year-old Anthony Templet shot his father, Burt, and later said it was self-defense. The ensuing investigation revealed a lot of history that seemed to explain Anthony’s behavior and his actions. Netflix’s ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ is a three-part docuseries that delves into Anthony’s life and what happened during the case. Dana Cummings, who was part of the prosecution, was featured on the show and provided an insight into how the case progressed. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Who is Dana Cummings?

Dana Cummings served as the prosecutor in Anthony’s case. When she first came across it, she felt it was an unusual and sad case. However, when Dana heard the 911 call, it was a disturbing feeling. She thought Anthony had no emotion as he reported shooting his father. On the show, Dana recalled watching Anthony’s police interview for the first time and wondering if he had no empathy because he didn’t shed a tear throughout.

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However, once the team learned more about Burt’s abusive history, Anthony’s behavior seemed to make sense. Ultimately, Dana believed he shot Burt after an argument where he hit Anthony. While the teenager ran into a bedroom and locked the door behind him, Burt tried to get in, damaging that door in the process. In the end, Anthony opened the door and fired at him. Dana said the shooting happened “after years of isolation, emotional abuse, and perhaps physical abuse.”

In the end, Dana worked with Anthony’s lawyer, Jarrett Ambeau, to come to a resolution that worked for both sides without going to trial. She said, “We’ve absolutely been seeking all the details and the truth from day one. We want to resolve this in a fair and just manner if possible.” Fortunately for Anthony, that’s what happened. While he was indicted on second-degree charges, a plea agreement meant he pled no contest to negligent homicide and only received probation.

Where is Dana Cummings Today?

Dana Cummings disagreed with the self-defense claim that Anthony’s lawyers put forward. She felt that, given the facts, it was manslaughter. But taking into account Anthony’s history and what he had been through, Dana believed that jail time was inappropriate for Anthony. She added, “What would time in jail do for this young man who has never actually had a chance to learn or to have friends or to be in the world?”

Dana is currently the Assistant District Attorney for the East Baton Rouge district in Louisiana. Furthermore, she is the Chief of Litigation. Dana has been practicing law for nearly four decades, and in the past few years, she has prosecuted several high-profile cases. These include the 2015 alleged poisoning murder of Damian Skipper by his girlfriend, Meshell Hale, an alleged murder-for-hire involving an automobile dealer, and alleged double murder. Dana was also involved in the investigation into a serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee, who was connected to multiple murders through DNA evidence years after his arrest.

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