Where is Rebekah Neumann’s Dad Robert Paltrow Now?

‘WeCrashed’ on Apple TV+ tells the story of the rise and fall of WeWork, a shared workspace company founded by the flamboyant entrepreneur Adam Neumann and his architect founding partner Miguel McKelvey. The series also delves into Adam’s relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife Rebekah, who plays a big part in pushing the former to reach for ever-loftier goals (and valuations).

The series depicts a lot of interesting characters, many of whom share some similarities with real-life counterparts. In the show, Rebekah’s father is a mysterious but wealthy man who doesn’t seem convinced by Adam’s confidence in WeWork. The story gets all the more intriguing when the father himself falls into some legal trouble. If you’ve been looking for more details on the situation and what might have happened in real life, we’ve got you covered!

Who is Rebekah Neumann’s Dad?

In ‘WeCrashed,’ Rebekah Neumann’s father, Robert Paltrow, is first introduced at his daughter’s wedding to Adam. Not entirely convinced by the confident young man’s boastings of his company’s high valuations and potential funding, Robert gives the newly wedded couple a cheque for a million dollars. Of course, the father isn’t too happy when Adam subsequently uses the money to open WeWork’s first location.

Robert’s source of wealth initially remains mysterious on the show, and things get intriguing when, through flashbacks, it is seen that he was convicted of fraud by a judge. Back in the present, Robert informs his daughter that he has fallen into legal trouble once again and might end up going to prison. In a bid to depict her father in a kinder light, Rebekah then pens an emotional letter about how he has been hurt by the untimely death of his son, Keith.

Where is Robert Paltrow Now?

In reality, Rebekah Victoria Neumann (née Paltrow) is the daughter of Robert Paltrow. In 2015, the latter was sentenced in federal court to six months in prison, one year supervised release, and a fine of $50,000 after being convicted of falsifying his income tax returns. According to the release by the Department of Justice, Robert’s filings for the years 2007 and 2008 resulted in an underpayment of $798,969 in income tax.

The earlier bout of legal trouble depicted on the show seems to be from a 1996 case against Robert Paltrow, his bulk mail enterprise North American Communications Inc., and his two (now defunct) charities — American Cancer Research Funds, Inc. (ACRF) and American Heart Research Foundation, Inc (AHRF).

According to court documents from June 13, 1996, the charges centered on how the three corporate entities were part of a scheme for “unjust enrichment.” Approximately $2 million worth of funds that were sent to the charities as a result of the mass-mailing by North American Communications Inc. was never actually intended to be donated to any disease research causes.

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Robert, who had a much-publicized passion for racing vintage cars, has kept a seemingly low profile for some years now. Reportedly born on November 15, 1941, he is currently 80 years old. According to records, he lives on North Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida, though not much is known about who else presently lives with him.

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