Shantina McNeil: Where is Sally McNeil’s Daugther Now?

Sally McNeil was arrested on Valentine’s Day in 1995 after admitting to shooting her then-husband, Ray McNeil. At the time, Sally’s children from a previous marriage, Shantina and John, were in the house. Netflix’s ‘Killer Sally’ is a three-part docuseries that focuses on the case and the trial that followed. It also features an interview with Shantina, who shared what she went through and how she dealt with the ordeal. So now, let’s find out more about her, shall we?

Who is Sally McNeil’s Daughter Shantina?

Shantina was 11 years old when the incident occurred in 1995. She was born to Sally and Anthony Lowden as the first of their two children. But by 1987, per the show, Sally had filed for divorce owing to abuse and moved to California alongside their kids. Shantina then said her biological father wasn’t really around while she and her brother were growing up, and she began seeing Ray as her dad. She stated that her mother was very much in love with Ray and that he was a charismatic man.

However, Shantina also remembers that Ray’s personality often flipped, and because of her parents’ steroid use, they argued a lot. On the show, she mentioned how her stepfather was physically abusive toward Sally and recalled him breaking her nose in one such attack. The young girl thus urged her mother to leave over the years, but she didn’t, driving her to feel like Sally chose her husband over her own children.

On the night of the incident, Shantina still remembers she went into her room after her parents started arguing because Ray came home late. But soon after, she heard her mother being choked — she later even testified Sally was making distinctive “gurgling” sounds. As per her narrative, Shantina ran out of the room upon hearing a loud noise and then saw her mother shoot Ray for what was the second time. After that, Sally was arrested, and both her kids were transported into a group home for a short while before being raised by her parents.

Sally McNeil’s Daughter Shantina is Focusing on Her Family Today

Since Shantina had testified during her mother’s trial, she mentioned in the show that she felt like her lawyer could have done more when it came to questioning her on the stands. She was merely 12 at the time and incessantly crying owing to the entire ordeal, but she believed she could’ve had the required impact. That’s because Sally was eventually found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Nevertheless, in the years that followed, Shantina claimed in the Hulu original, she and her brother grew up in a loving home thanks to their grandmother.

Shantina was hence able to earn got a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, and she even served with the US Army for more than 16 years, doing tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. After that, she worked for an aerospace and defense technology company as a radio frequency engineer for two years. Currently, the single mother of one is employed as an IT network administrator for the Defense Logistics Agency. Shantina had talked about having PTSD on the show because of her tours and an abusive relationship, but from what we can tell, she is doing much better now. That could be because the Grovetown, Georgia, resident is focusing on raising her son and is part of a motorcycle club.

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