Where Is Snowflake Mountain’s Darriea Clark Now?

As evident from the name, ‘Snowflake Mountain‘ focuses on a group of young adults who are pretty affluent but utterly spoilt. Exasperated by their nature, these young adults are tricked by their parents into attending a survival camp overseen by experts Matt Tate and Joel Graves. While the contestants initially believe that they are going to star in a reality show in a 5-star resort, reality soon dawns on them, and they are made to adapt in order to survive. However, as a pleasant surprise, the show ends up offering a massive $50,000 cash prize for the contestant who shows the most change.

Darriea Clark kickstarted her career in the entertainment industry through her appearance in season 1 of Netflix’s survival-themed reality show. While her mother claimed that Darriea did not want to grow up, the contestant mentioned that she never felt the need to work hard or make a name for herself. However, there is no escape on ‘Snowflake Mountain,’ and now that the season is behind us, let’s find out where Darriea is at present, shall we?

Who is Darriea Clark?

On the show, Darriea claimed that she has always been very lazy, which is the main reason behind her hatred of everyday tasks. The reality star mentioned that she cleans her used dishes and cups once in 10 days and does her laundry only once a month. Moreover, she did not have a proper direction in her life and always managed to lose herself in luxury and comfort. Her affluent upbringing didn’t help her case in any way, and naturally, her loved ones got quite irked after tolerating such a nature. Thus, in an effort to turn her life around, Darriea was tricked by her parents into attending the challenging survival camp.

On ‘Snowflake Mountain,’ there was no place for Darriea to laze around as she had to work for her own survival. Since each contestant had to provide for themselves, not working would mean going without food or basic necessities for a whole day. Being in such a surrounding, Darriea quickly realized that she had had to get rid of her lethargic ways, or she might fall behind. Pulling herself together, she set about correcting her wrongs and learned quite a few life lessons in the process.

Besides, Darriea also helped build an excellent team spirit and was always quite encouraging towards her co-contestants. Ultimately, Darriea managed to hang on till the last day and even conquered the final mountain climbing challenge. Although she was not selected as one of the finalists, the survival reality show did help the New York resident find clarity and perspective.

Where Is Darriea Clark Now?

At present, Darriea seems to reside in New York City, where she is enjoying a life surrounded by family and friends. From the looks of it, she is quite happy in her present condition and even shares snippets from her everyday life on social media. Interestingly, the show appears to have brought about positive changes in her overall personality.

Darriea, now 25-years-old, is working as a Remake Ambassador, a job she loves with all her heart. On the other hand, it also looks like the fashionista enjoys traveling as she recently basked in the sun on a luxury cruise. Witnessing Darriea’s extraordinary life is heartwarming, to say the least, and we hope she remains happy for the years to come.

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