Where Is Snowflake Mountain’s Francesca Geo Now?

Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountain‘ is an exciting survival reality show that offers us a sneak peek into the personalities of affluent yet spoilt young adults. Interestingly, the families of these young adults are exasperated with their lifestyles and trick them into attending a survival camp headed by experts Matt Tate and Joel Graves. While the participants initially believe that they are going to be a part of a reality show in a 5-star resort, they soon experience a rude awakening and have no choice but to adapt and overcome.

At the very end, the participant who develops their personality the most gets a generous cash reward. While on the show, Francesca Geo mentioned that she was “spoilt rotten” and would hate to work for even a day. Moreover, she was not able to get out of the protection of comfort and luxury, making her parents believe that she was not able to reach her full potential. Still, with the cameras turned away, let’s take a detailed look at Francesca’s journey and find out where she is at present, shall we?

Who Is Francesca Geo?

Interestingly, when interviewed on the show, Francesca Geo’s mother and father admitted that they were the ones who spoilt their daughter. While her father bought her everything and provided as much money as she ever desired, her mother took over Francesca’s responsibilities. She did her daughter’s work for her, even if it was something as minor as making a doctor’s appointment. Francesca stated that from a young age, she was waited on hand and foot, as she always got her way no matter what.

However, all the pampering kept Francesca from reaching her true potential, and both her parents agreed that Francesca would need all the help she could get. Although Francesca arrived late on ‘Snowflake Mountain,’ she was given the same lessons by Matt and Joel, who made her choose a few essentials before blowing off the rest of her luggage. However, Francesca took the whole experiment as a good sport and never once complained about the everyday issues.

Francesca put her heart and soul into the challenges and seemed intent on making the most of the situation. Moreover, she also built a great bond with most of her co-contestants, and her determined attitude went a long way toward everyone’s success. Towards the end of the season, viewers were able to witness a change in her perspective. Francesca even aced the mountain climbing challenge. Although she fell short and was not selected as a finalist, she returned home with lots of pleasant memories.

Where Is Francesca Geo Now?

From the looks of it, Francesca Geo has fallen back into her everyday routine and is leading a happy life surrounded by her family and friends. Although the reality star prefers privacy when it comes to her profession, she keeps her viewers regularly updated on her personal life as her social media account is full of the memories she makes with her loved ones.

Moreover, apart from her career as a reality TV star, Francesca is quite an adept singer. The reality TV personality celebrated her 21st birthday in August 2021. Besides, she appears to be in a wonderful relationship with Chris Kilcarr, and we hope the couple remains happy for the years to come.

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