Donna Hargreaves: Where is Somerset Nurse Now?

With ‘Capturing the Killer Nurse’ charting the tale of not just Charles Cullen but also the malfeasance of hospitals, we get a true insight into the way he managed to act out for as long as he did. After all, as the Netflix original title suggests, the serial killer was an intensive care medical personnel who murdered dozens — or possibly hundreds — of patients over his nearly 16-year career. It thus comes as no surprise that he served at several (10) different hospitals throughout this period and developed many diverse bonds, one of which was with fellow nurse Donna Hargreaves.

Who is Donna Hargreaves?

A New Jersey native through and through, Donna initially came across Charles as her co-worker at the Somerset Medical Center in Somerville back when the latter joined in September 2002. She herself had been employed there for around two years by this point (since 2000), but the one aspect she never really forgot was the community feel of both the facility as well as the borough. “[Somerville] was a great, great little town,” she expressed in the documentary before adding that “the hospital was at the heart of” everything, indicating there was always a sense of passion, compassion, and care for everyone involved.

“I was young,” Donna continued, reminiscing. “I was energetic. I was a little on the hyper side. I know one of the senior nurses had even banned me from drinking coffee [despite their long shifts].” The Hunterdon Central Regional High School graduate was actually so bubbly and talkative that some of the initial stories nurse Amy Loughren reportedly heard of Charles came directly from her as a confidant. Then, the trio gradually grew closer and closer in every way, only for others to begin referring to them as “The Three Musketeers” because they tirelessly “worked together really well.”

Donna Hargreaves is Still Close to Amy Today

From what we can tell, even though Donna wasn’t extensively involved in the investigations against Charles in 2003, she was amongst the first to learn each detail, thanks to her friendship with Amy. The reality undeniably shocked and broke her heart, yet there was nothing she could do except continue to represent what she and every registered nurse across the world truly stood for. “Some of the older patients would [later] make comments like, ‘You’re not gonna kill me like Charles Cullen killed patients?,'” she said in the film. “I remember the first time someone said that to me; I went in the bathroom and cried.”

Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell, Donna now prefers to go by Donna Hargreaves-Scotti (she has been married since 2006), and she’s still a registered nurse. Moreover, because she also likes to keep both her personal and professional endeavors well away from the limelight these days, we unfortunately do not know much about them. All we’ve been able to gather for sure is that despite all the years to have gone by and every brutal thing they’ve faced, Donna and Amy Loughren are still close.

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