Where is Spanish TV Host Tamara Falco Now?

As a reality series that delves deep into the undeniably glamorous life of Spanish aristocrat, socialite, influencer, and chef Tamara Falcó, Netflix’s ‘Lady Tamara’ is as light-hearted as it is raw. That’s because it places a focus upon not just her dynamic career but also her familial life, her romance with Íñigo Onieva, her relationship with God, as well as her aspirations for the future. So now that we know the primary core of who she really is, let’s learn more about her past experiences before uncovering her current standing in life from every conceivable angle, shall we?

Who is Tamara Falcó?

Since Tamara Isabel Falcó Preysler was born on November 20, 1981, as the only child to socialite Isabel Preysler and businessman Carlos Falcó, the 5th Marquess of Griñón, she is true nobility. Her parents did legally part ways in 1985 — ending their second marriage, respectively — yet it appears as if she genuinely managed to remain close to them both, along with her eight half-siblings. The 6th Marchioness of Griñón was thus not kidding in the Netflix original when she claimed to essentially have been leading her entire life right in front of the cameras and the public eye.

It’s hence no surprise that Tamara gradually garnered an interest in communication, fashion, and merchandising, for which she even received formal education before stepping into entertainment. She actually made her debut with the ‘We Love Tamara’ reality television series in 2013, but despite its single-season run, she was rightly able to establish herself as a hard-working young woman. Then came the several guest features, media appearances, as well as a growing social media presence, resulting in her evolution into a legitimate influencer and her prominent position today.

Where is Tamara Falcó Now?

Tamara’s active participation in the world of non-fiction productions is honestly the catalyst that allowed her to turn one of her seemingly ordinary passions into her most recent profession. After all, the fact she didn’t just participate but won season 4 of the competitive cooking show ‘MasterChef Celebrity España’ (2019) drove her to realize she had the potential to do much more. That’s when the Madrid native enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu (French for The Blue Ribbon) to pursue formal culinary training, all the while maintaining a majority of her ever-vibrant work as a public figure.

As if that’s not enough, Tamara even undertook new ventures as a host/presenter during this period, a role she continues to explore because it gives her an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The practicing Roman Catholic has thus been serving as quite an open-minded co-host for the open discussion segment of the Spanish variety talk show ‘El Hormiguero’ for around two years now. We should mention she graduated from the hospitality school in June 2021, following which she published her very first cookbook ‘Las Recetas De Casa De Mi Madre’ (‘Recipes From My Mother’s House’), in October.

From working with health and beauty brands like Sisley to collaborating with clothing companies like TFP to launching her own collection with Tous Jewelry, Tamara has done it all recently. Moreover, it appears as if she’s currently even making active efforts to team up with different culinary brands to expand her reach as well as her knowledge of this particular industry.

That’s because the Madrid-based chef hopes to make her dream of opening a restaurant a reality one day soon, just like she did with the pop-up experience-based eatery at her Palace, as seen in ‘Lady Tamara.’ With her jobs taking her across the world, her relationship with Íñigo, and her familial connections, her online platforms make it evident the aristocrat is perfectly content at the moment.

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