Where is The Pursuit of Love Filmed?

‘The Pursuit of Love’ is a British romance drama miniseries that follows two vivacious women as they search for the ideal husband, and in the process, embark upon a journey of self-discovery and growth. Set in the time between the two World Wars, the period show is based on Nancy Mitford’s eponymous novel and is a visual treat that gives fans of similar shows like ‘Bridgerton’ a lot to look forward to.

The backdrops are intricate yet majestic, and the show explores the European high society of the time in great detail. It takes us across multiple countries, making its authentic period aesthetic all the more impressive. Curious about where the actual places behind these impressive visuals are located? Here’s where ‘The Pursuit of Love’ is filmed.

The Pursuit of Love Filming Locations

Set across England and (briefly) in France, the filming of the miniseries took place mostly in England itself. However, despite the COVID-19 pandemic raging, the production crew managed to execute a quick excursion to France, where some crucial scenes were also filmed. Principal photography initially began on March 31, 2020, but had to be stopped due to the pandemic. It then resumed sometime in July 2020 and carried on till around October 27 of the same year. Let’s take a closer look at the specific filming locations that are used to bring the show to life!

Gloucestershire, England

Multiple locations around Gloucestershire County are used in the show, most notably some of the stately homes that double up as the residences for the show’s characters, especially Lord Merlin. Dyrham Park, a vintage country home situated within an expansive park in the village of Dyrham in South Gloucestershire, is used for filming.

The Badminton House, located in the nearby village of Badminton, is also extensively used for outdoor filming, with the mansion’s impressive facade and exterior often featuring on the show. Interestingly, it is also one of the filming spots for Netflix’s period drama ‘Bridgerton.’

Bath, England

The city of Bath in Somerset County is also used extensively for shooting, given the wide variety of vintage buildings it offers. Most of the scenes set in London are actually filmed in Bath, with the No. 1 Royal Crescent Museum building and its surroundings being considerably used. Scenes showcasing the exteriors of Linda’s place in London at Bryanston Square in Marylebone are shot at the above-mentioned building. The intricately furnished museum is made to look such that visitors feel like they are in the 18th century. Therefore, it is a valuable location for the filming of the period series.

The Green Park Station, which is housed in an impressive 19th-century building and located on Green Park Road in Bath, is used as a stand-in for the iconic Gare Du Nord railway station in Paris. The Forum, a 1930s art deco cinema that is now a live music venue and is located at 1a Forum Buildings, St James’s Parade is also one of the many buildings used to give the show its period aesthetic. The Bitton Station of Avon Valley Railway is also one of the places where the show is shot.

Bristol, England

One of the major filming locations for ‘The Pursuit of Love’ is a production facility in Bristol, in South West England. The Bottle Yard Studios, situated on Whitchurch Lane, a few miles south of Bristol city center, is used as a stand-in for London’s famous Cheyne Walk, located in the Chelsea neighborhood in the City of Westminster. Along with that, the complex also hosts the construction of sets required for shooting scenes set in the Beverly Hills Hotel and The Ritz.

Oxfordshire, England

The Rousham House in the town of Bicester in northeastern Oxfordshire County is also used for filming, partially standing in as Alconleigh. The house is well known for its picturesque gardens, which are open to the public. Scenes set in the Radlett family home are filmed at a 1635 Jacobean house in Oxfordshire.

Wiltshire, England

Furthermore, scenes depicting Oxford University meant to be shot on location at the prestigious institution had to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were instead shot at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire County. The Stourhead Garden and estate near the town of Warminster in Wiltshire County is also used for filming on location. Dinton Park and Phillips House in the village of Dinton also serves as one of the locations where shooting takes place.

Paris, France

The filming of some of the scenes integral to the show’s story arc reportedly takes place in Paris, France. Despite the pandemic, the production crew was able to film in the capital city for a few days, which allowed them to get important footage around Place Dauphine, a public square on the island of Ile de la Cité on the Seine River in central Paris. Most of the filming in the French capital centered around this area, with scenes shot in some side streets and cafes.

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