The Repair Shop: All Shooting Locations of the TV Show

Image Credit: Ian West/BBC

‘The Repair Shop’ is a British reality TV show that pits together different teams of professional craftsmen in each episode as they take on the responsibility of restoring various family heirlooms and treasured antiques of different owners to their original state. These competent professionals come together from around the country and work on these pieces after getting to know the sentimental value they hold in the lives of their owners.

Apart from making the viewers all emotional about the heirlooms, the show also educates us by giving us insight into how the craftsmen work their technical skills to bring the pieces back to their former glory. Moreover, the expansive and large area of the repair shop where these experts work their magic is bound to make you curious about the filming sites of ‘The Repair Shop.’

The Repair Shop Filming Locations

‘The Repair Shop’ is filmed entirely in England, especially in Chichester. As per reports, most of the seasons of the show until now have been shot around the Spring or Summer seasons. Now, without wasting time, let us take you to all the specific locations that appear in the British series!

Chichester, England

Almost all the repair work that the professional craftsmen in ‘The Repair Shop’ indulge in takes place in the cathedral city of Chichester, the only city and county town of West Sussex. Specifically, the reality series is lensed mainly in and around Weald and Downland Living Museum on Town Lane in Chichester. Formerly known as the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, it is an open-air museum sprawling across 40 acres, housing more than 50 historic buildings along with several gardens, walks, farm animals, and a mill pond.

Out of all the buildings, Court Barn serves as the primary production location for ‘The Repair Shop.’ Originally built in the late 17th or early 18th century, the barn was dismantled in 1976 and re-constructed at the museum in 1980. Also, to avoid any sort of discrepancies and interruptions, Court Barn remains closed to the public while the show is being recorded.

Besides, a few of the repairs are also handled by the experts in the Victorian smithy, originally built in the mid-19th century, at the open-air museum. Moreover, the production team of ‘The Repair Shop’ sets up camp in the nearby Wagon shed, which dates from the 18th century. Apart from these few buildings, you might even spot a few more in the backdrop. Some are the Bayleaf farmhouse, carpenter’s shop, granary, horse whim, joinery shop, Longport farmhouse, market hall, pugmill house, and upper hall.

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