Where is Vyasar Ganesan From Indian Matchmaking Now?

Indian weddings are famous worldwide for their unique and shiny charm, but the effort behind bringing the bride and groom to such unions is just as fascinating. Created by Smriti Mundhra, Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is an Indian reality series that follows Sima Taparia, a marriage consultant from Mumbai, India. Interestingly, the country’s widespread culture of arranged marriages and the heavy involvement of families might surprise some Western viewers. Through the show, the audience witnesses the take of the modern generation on the process, as well as why many young Indians opt for arranged marriages.

The Netflix show premiered in 2020 and featured several eligible Indians from the subcontinent and the US. One such person was Vyasar Ganesan, whose jovial and energetic nature immediately caught the viewers’ attention. His journey on the show might not have been the smoothest, yet that did not stop the viewers and Sima herself to keep rooting for him. Naturally, many are curious to know Vyasar’s present whereabouts and romantic life, and we are here to answer the same!

Vyasar Ganesan’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

30-year-old Vyasar Ganesan entered season 1 of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ on his office’s sliding chair with a charming smile that immediately grabbed the audience’s admiration. Based in Austin, Texas, he introduced himself at his workplace as a College Counselor at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin. Vyasar’s students had their own opinions about what his future partner should look like, with everyone agreeing that he is a great person to have around.

Before meeting with his first potential match, Vyasar elaborated on his family life- his parents divorced when he was pretty young, and he mostly grew up around his maternal family. Moreover, Vyasar explained on the show that between the age of 7 to 18, he did not interact with his father and was not on the best terms with him. The show also introduced the viewers to the College Counselor’s parents.

The first potential match for the Texan Indian-American was Manisha Dass from North Carolina. Despite the distance, the two seemed to connect initially and decided to continue talking after the first date. However, the spark soon fizzled out as the two realized they wanted different things and did not connect as much as they would have liked. Nevertheless, Vyasar did not let this put him down and was ready for the next round.

Rashi Gupta

Enter Rashi Gupta, a veterinarian who hoped for a man with a good sense of humor. At Sima’s suggestion, the prospective spouses went on a date to test the waters; the two clicked quickly and seemed to enjoy their time on-screen. The College Counselor even opened up regarding his past relationship and how the break-up affected him. As they spent more time together, Rashi prompted Vyasar to open up further about his father’s past and the reasons behind the animosity between the two.

After sharing the details with his friends and Sima, Vyasar ultimately decided to tell Rashi about the same. Since the end of his arc on season 1, fans have been dying to know what the Texas resident is up to. Did his relationship with Rashi work out after the discussion about his father, and if not, what were the reasons behind the same? Well, we have just the answers you need.

Where is Vyasar Ganesan From Indian Matchmaking Today? Is He Still With Rashi Gupta?

Unfortunately, Vyasar Ganesan and Rashi Gupta are not in a relationship presently. As he explained in the ‘Indian Matchmaking’ reunion, his confession about his father’s past actions did not matter to Rashi and her family. Nonetheless, the whole experience was certainly a bit overwhelming for her. According to Vyasar, Rashi had never been in a serious relationship, and she had been shortly out of medical school before her time on ‘Indian Matchmaking.’ He explained that the pair felt they needed to grow a bit more, and it might not be best for them to continue on the road to marriage with each other.

As of early 2021, Vyasar was seemingly in a happy relationship with a girl he met on the internet, thanks to his appearance on the show. Apparently, his now-girlfriend and her cousin saw him on the show, and afterward, the latter approached Vyasar online, though not for herself. “She basically wrote, ‘Hey, I know sliding into people’s DMs isn’t really cool, but I’m doing it anyway.’ I immediately thought, ‘OK, well, it takes a lot of guts and courage to do that,’ and I began talking to my now girlfriend,” Vyasar told NBC News Asian America in February 2021.

The College Counselor continued, “Then, you know, one thing led to another, and it just sort of quickly spiraled from there. We now have a Zoom date every Sunday and Wednesday. It’s great.” Besides cooking, Vyasar is fond of writing and has penned several articles about different shows and movies for platforms like My Entertainment World. After his time on season 1, he did not return for the second iteration of ‘Indian Matchmaking.’ We wish Vyasar and his close ones the best in his life and hope he soon finds his happily ever after.

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