Where is Wayne Darwen Now?

Maury Terry spent the majority of his life exploring the possibility that the Son of Sam killings involved people other than David Berkowitz. The former’s obsession increased as he delved deeper into the case, and Netflix’s ‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness’ chronicles his work over four hour-long episodes. Maury’s perseverance paid off when more than sixteen years after his arrest, David Berkowitz agreed to an interview with Maury, which was produced by Wayne Darwen for ‘Inside Edition.’ Wayne was featured in the series and recounted his experiences from back then. Curious to find out where he might be? Here’s everything we know!

Who is Wayne Darwen?

Wayne Darwen is an Australian journalist who started off his career when he was just 17 years old, working for a local newspaper in Sydney, Australia. Over time, he went on to work with international publishing firms like the New York Post. Wayne later moved to the United States and added producing to his repertoire for tabloid shows like ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘Inside Edition.’ In fact, ‘A Current Affair’ set the outline for sensationalistic journalism that took over the TV later on. In 2014, he co-directed, produced, and starred in ‘High There,’ a nonfiction comedy. But Wayne is perhaps most known for producing the Son of Sam interviews in 1993.

The interviews were set up through some of Wayne’s contacts at the time. David, by then in prison for the killings, had taken up Christianity and agreed to do an interview with Maury Terry. On the show, Wayne stated how they weren’t sure what to expect from the “Son of Sam” or how the interview would go. But they were pleasantly surprised. David was well-spoken during the interview and talked about his early life and being a tormented person in part because his birth parents rejected him. But the bombshell claims came after that.

At the time, Maury had been investigating the involvement of a satanic cult in the Son of Sam shootings. His research also pointed towards John and Michael Carr, the actual sons of Sam Carr, whose dog commanded David to kill people, according to David’s initial claims. Once Maury asked him about the cult, David seemingly confirmed everything Maury had been investigating. David had claimed to have been initiated into a satanic cult. David also claimed that he wasn’t the triggerman in all of the Son of Sam shootings and said that John and Michael Carr were involved in it. By then, both John and Michael Carr had been dead for several years. Upon being pressed to name others in the cult, David refused to do so.

Where is Wayne Darwen Now?

Image Credit: YouTube – TheLipTV

The interviews were aired on ‘Inside Edition,’ and the reaction to them was explosive. Wayne stated that it was the biggest reaction he had ever received for any of his work up to that point. But there was also a backlash from the police force because they didn’t believe in the multiple gunmen theory. David, Maury, and Wayne were called liars. But the interview just spurred Maury to dig deeper into the alleged cult connections. Since then, Wayne Darwen has amassed credits as a writer and producer for multiple shows. More recently, he worked as a writer for ‘Consumer 101,’ a show that explores the science and techniques behind testing everyday products used by consumers. But beyond that, not a lot is known about his current whereabouts.

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