Wilderness: Where Was the Amazon Prime Show Filmed?

Adapted from the 2019 eponymous book by B.E. Jones, Amazon Prime’s ‘Wilderness’ is a British thriller series that chronicles the picture-perfect life of the British couple, Liv and Will, who have it all — an exciting life in New York away from their provincial hometown and young enough to feel that there are many years ahead of them. However, the cracks in the relationship appear when Liv discovers about Will’s affair. The initial heartbreak and grief are followed by rage and the need for revenge as Liv is hellbent on making him pay for his deed.

So, when Will proposes for them to travel across America’s National Parks and breathe new life into their relationship, Liv comes up with a plan to exact revenge. Created by Marnie Dickens, the thriller show unfolds in New York and a bunch of other places as the couple travels across the country to work on their relationship. The quick transition in the backdrop symbolizes the change in the equation between Liv and Will, making the audience wonder if the shooting takes place on location or not. Well, if you have similar questions regarding the production, we might be able to help you!

Wilderness Filming Locations

‘Wilderness’ is filmed primarily across Alberta and British Columbia, especially in Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Whistler, and Squamish. The shooting also takes place in New York City, Las Vegas, Arizona, and seemingly in East London, England. According to reports, production on the inaugural iteration of the thriller series got underway in April 2022 and was carried out for about six months or so, before wrapping up in early October of the same year. So, let’s follow the couple on their holiday and navigate all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Amazon Prime show!


Several important scenes for ‘Wilderness’ are lensed in different cities of Alberta, including Calgary. Moreover, Fairmont Banff Springs at 405 Spray Avenue in the resort town of Banff serves as a prominent filming site for the drama series. The production team even captures the mountain range and sprawling landscapes of Kananaskis, which is an improvement district situated within Alberta’s Rockies. Reportedly, the cast and crew spent a total of ten-eleven days in the province, from June 20 to July 1, 2022, shooting for the debut season.

British Columbia

A major chunk of ‘Wilderness’ is taped in Vancouver, British Columbia, as many establishments and streets are doubled for New York City. Some exterior scenes based in NYC feature Lonsdale Peak, 1000 Alexander Street, Seawall in Stanley Park, and Dominion Building, all in Vancouver, in the backdrop. The filming unit also sets up camp in and around a number of cafes and restaurants in Vancouver, including Aura Nightclub at 1180 Granville Street, Nuba restaurant, the roof of Gastown Printers Ltd at 328 West Cordova Street, Revolver Cafe at 325 Cambie Street, and Parq Vancouver Casino Resort at 39 Smithe Street.

Apart from NYC, Vancouver stands in for Yosemite too as Lynn Valley Park at 3590 Mountain Highway in North Vancouver also serves as a pivotal production location. Furthermore, the cast and crew members utilize the locales of Whistler as they shoot several scenes on the Cal Cheak trail and the Whistler Olympic Park at 1500 Callaghan Road. The municipality of Squamish also doubles for Yosemite as the white-water rafting scenes of season 1 were taped here.

New York City, New York

Since a large portion of ‘Wilderness’ is based in New York City, the production team records many pivotal sequences on location in the Big Apple. The Meatpacking District and Upper West Side are a couple of neighborhoods that make an appearance in multiple scenes. Meanwhile, the cast and crew members make the most of Central Park and Battery Park in New York City to tape a number of park scenes. In addition, the Statue of Liberty along with several other landmarks stick out in the backdrop of various portions.

Other Locations in the US

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘Wilderness’ also travels to other locations across the country, including Las Vegas, Nevada. In particular, a few scenes are taped on the iconic Las Vegas Strip with the bunch of lined-up upscale casino hotels featuring as well. Furthermore, the protagonists are seen traveling to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which was shot on location, interestingly, at a spot that is not accessible to the public.

East London, England

Additional portions of ‘Wilderness’ are lensed in East London, which is London’s northeastern part. Situated east of the City of London and north of the River Thames, East London bursts with some unique sights and terrains that make for suitable filming sites. Its streets are not just cinematic but also offer diversity given the combination of historical as well as modern landscapes.

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