Where is Wrexham AFC Fan Shaun Winter Now?

Although ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ does center around stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as they navigate the world of soccer club ownership, the true heart of it is honestly the club’s fans. That’s because no matter their gender, their personal struggles, or their professional experiences, they prove time and time again there’s a reason sports is known for bringing people together. Among them is none other than the spirited Shaun Winter — so now, if you wish to learn more about this native Wrexham AFC supporter as well as his current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Shaun Winter?

From the moment Shaun saw his first hometown game at The Racecourse Ground as a young boy alongside his father, he not only fell in love but also realized the small moments mean the most. “This football club, this ground, it’s just everything,” he said at one point in the FX original series, before later adding, “It’s more than football, it’s more than just having a pint, it’s your mental well-being as well.” He actually knows this first-hand since not being able to attend a single game at the stadium with his two young boys during COVID did affect him in ways he never expected.

The local painter also candidly admitted that “when I heard about [Hollywood stars] Ryan and Rob taking over this club, I thought… like everyone else did… f**k off! It’s not gonna happen.” Yet, considering the way Wrexham has managed to progress under their vision despite their lack of experience, it goes without saying Shaun has come to terms with this deal; he’s even glad for it. Moreover, it’s likely this change gradually helped him deal with the changes in his situation as well — the recent split from the mother of his boys — through the sheer sense that this is what life is.

Where is Shaun Winter Now?

Shaun was honestly portrayed as a mere resentful house-painter following in his father’s as well as his grandfather’s footsteps for the last 10-15 years in the docuseries, but he’s genuinely much more. He’d stated in the FX production that he “f**king hates” his job because “you’re looking at the same old s**t, you’re talking to the same people. You just recycle bullshit. I just sit in the bath every night, and it’s just like, there’s gotta be something more to life than this.” There is; the Wrexham resident has even found it via his passion for his hometown, the association, and public communication.

After all, apart from being a painter for the town council, Shaun currently proudly serves as a club host, club promoter, and co-host of the ‘Wrexham & Lager’ Podcast (with James Simmonds). His social media platforms further make it clear he continues to be an unremitting doting father to his two boys despite sharing custody since their happiness matters above everything else. The Welsh family man/”Wrexham FC die-hard” fan actually seems content at the moment, indicating he’ll probably maintain his personal as well as professional pursuits based on his heart’s true desires.

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