Murder Runs in the Family: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Kyle Cooper and Jason Wan Lim combined their efforts to helm Lifetime’s ‘Murder Runs in the Family,’ a drama film that focuses on an art therapist named Wren Williams who returns to her hometown, having not seen her adoptive family for more than a year. However, upon her arrival, grief and shock welcome her as she finds her mother dead in the bathtub. Soon, she discovers that her birth mother died a similar death, raising suspicion against her father, Paul, who she thinks might have murdered both women to keep the family secrets buried.

After the discovery of the tragic incident, Wren reunites with Paul and her half-siblings, Kayla and Brody, while a neighbor gets unpleasantly close to her. As time passes by and she tries her best to get through her grieving period, Wren can’t help but see them all as possible suspects, mostly due to their behavior — Paul’s drunken apologies, Brody’s strange behavior, and the neighbor’s double-speak. Originally titled ‘Finding a Killer,’ the movie unfolds mostly in the protagonist’s hometown, which in itself serves as an additional character, leaving viewers wondering about the actual filming locations.

Where Was Murder Runs in the Family Filmed?

‘Murder Runs in the Family’ was filmed in Alberta, specifically in Calgary. According to reports, principal photography for the drama movie got underway in late August 2022 and wrapped up in about three weeks or so, in September of the same year. With its vast and diverse landscape, which includes mountains, desert badlands, forests, and modern architecture, the Canadian province of Alberta serves as a suitable filming site.

Calgary, Alberta

Shooting for the Lifetime production, ‘Murder Runs in the Family,’ was carried out in the city of Calgary, which is located at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the southwest region of Alberta. From the looks of it, the production team traveled across the major city and set up camp in various streets and neighborhoods to shoot the Kyle Cooper directorial against suitable backdrops. They seemingly utilized the premises of actual establishments as well as the facilities of one of the film studios situated in and around Calgary, in order to tape the interior scenes.

As for shooting the exterior shots, the filming unit supposedly took over different areas of the city, with various buildings and landmarks appearing in the backdrop, such as Olympic Plaza, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Heritage Hall, Lougheed House, the Calgary Tower, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, and the Calgary Central Library. Moreover, given the city’s film-friendly municipal policies and practices, along with its vast and versatile terrains, Calgary makes for an ideal filming site for different kinds of productions, including ‘Murder Runs in the Family.’

Murder Runs in the Family Cast

In ‘Murder Runs in the Family,’ Laura Lieben essays the role of Wren, an art therapist. Known for the rawness and emotional depth that she brings to the characters she plays on the screen, the versatile actress has bagged many different roles throughout her acting career. For instance, she features in ‘Inner Quest,’ ‘A Light in the Dark,’ ‘In His Steps,’ ‘Like Right Now,’ and ‘Afterlight,’ which is why her face might seem familiar to some of you.

Portraying Wren’s drunk father named Paul is Bryan J. McHale, who stars alongside Lieben in the Lifetime drama. You might recognize him for his roles in ‘Don’t Kill the Babysitter,’ ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ ‘Joe Pickett,’ ‘and ‘Faultline.’ Besides the lead actors, the movie consists of several other talented actors who play supporting yet important roles, including Eric Wigston as Oliver, Connor Suart as Brody, Lorelai Carey as Kayla, Joshua Earl Brennand as Detective Ridley, Noelle Williamson as Sonya, and Maureen Byrne as Florence. Moreover, Sonia Deleo portrays Gina while Shelly Fullerton and Janine Kirk play the role of Mia and Julie respectively.

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