Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend: Filming Sites and Cast Details

‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend,’ by director Graeme Campbell centers on a single mother Emma Morgan, and her young adopted daughter, Lily, as they navigate the Christmas season with plenty of surprises in store for them. Lily is obstinate about her mother having a boyfriend for the holidays, and when given a chance to enter a writing contest to express her Christmas wish, she gladly enters, hoping Santa will hear her, and get her mom a boyfriend for Christmas.

The contest’s organizer, Zach, is thrilled to have an inspiring Christmas story, and they begin to spend the holidays together as the contest unfolds. Just as Lily hopes for the good-natured Zach to get together with her mom, a chiseled man, Clark, enters the picture, courting Emma. As we follow the Lifetime romance through bright and homely venues, from a decorated home to dazzling shopping markets, you may wonder where the movie was filmed, and who are the cast essaying its characters.

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend Shooting Locations

Filming for ‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend’ largely took place in the port city of Hamilton, Ontario. Principal photography for the movie tentatively titled, ‘A Boyfriend for Christmas,’ was carried out in June of 2023. Of her time on set, lead actress Jeananne Goossen said, “So yeah this happened and it was maybe the most fun and wholesome time I’ve ever had on set!” Let us take you through all the filming locations chosen for the Lifetime flick.

Hamilton, Ontario

Nestled on the western tip of Lake Ontario, the city of Hamilton became the primary filming location for ‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend.’ The lakefront city has a variety of urban locals and natural landmarks, giving the Lifetime crew an abundance of filming sites to choose from. They mainly required open urban neighborhoods, a market, an ice skating rink, and mall areas. The film crew was spotted setting up shop at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology on 900 Woodward Avenue.

The venue is highlighted by large red brick buildings with sleek circular columns and bulky wooden beams holding them up. The old structures emanate a vibrant timeless atmosphere with their classical architecture complimented by the production crews’s extravagant Christmas paraphernalia. The civil and power engineering landmark is normally open to the public and displays the relics of 19th-century steam engines preserved in pristine condition. Further filming of the commercial district took place along King William Street and outside “The French” restaurant on 37 King William Street.

Exterior and interior shots for the home seen in ‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend’ were lensed at a private residential property in Dundas. The idyllic suburban neighborhood at Jerome Park Drive became a picture-perfect site for filming home scenes for the holiday film. However, to prepare the elegant property for the Christmas flick, a mat of fake snow was rolled out on its lawn since filming was done in June, and Christmas trees were placed around it.

With a mix of urban vibrancy and natural beauty, Hamilton has emerged as a promising and engaging filming destination for Lifetime’s filmmakers to bring their Christmas movies to life. The production office for the film is located at 20 Butterick Road, Office 3, Toronto, giving the production companies, Champlain Media East Inc. and Reel One Entertainment, a filming foothold in the region. Other holiday movies shot in the city include, ‘A Not So Royal Christmas,’ ‘Flipping For Christmas,’ and ‘Take A Chance At Christmas.’

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend Cast

Jeananne Goossen charmingly essays Emma Morgan, with Ai Barrett acting out her daughter, Lily. The prospective love interests Zach and Clark are essayed by Zach Smadu and Anthony Bewlz. Born to an American father and Chinese mother, Jeananne Goossen is a Toronto-raised actress who is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. A prolific actress, she has made appearances in the popular shows ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Nashville,’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’

You may have seen Goossen reprising the role of Dr. Krista Bell-Hart in ‘The Night Shift.’ Zach Smadu is widely recognized for enacting Daniel Svensson in ‘Family Law’ and Detective Ash Kular in ‘Cardinal.’ Supporting cast members for the film include, Connie Manfredi as Brit, Chris Wilson as Brady Fleming, Amanda Martínez as Veronica Worth, Tianna Nori as Interviewer, and Sarah DeSouza-Coelho as Christmas Elf.

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