Where is The CW’s Family Law Filmed?

Created by Susin Nielsen, The CW’s ‘Family Law’ is a legal drama series that follows Abigail Bianchi, a lawyer who struggles with alcoholism. After her husband throws her out of their home after a drunken episode, she is suspended and allowed to work only under the mentorship of a senior lawyer. As part of her probation, she reaches out to her estranged father and two-half siblings and starts working with them in the family law firm.

Now, Abigail must deal with her complex family dynamics as well as provide effective remedies to clients with similar problems. The stellar cast performances further enhance the dramatic yet engaging narrative. Moreover, the realistic backdrop of a law firm in the urban cityscape makes one wonder where the drama show is taped. So, if you wish to explore the filming sites of ‘Family Law’ in more detail, here is everything you need to know.

Family Law Filming Locations

‘Family Law’ is filmed entirely in British Columbia, specifically in Metro Vancouver. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the series commenced in July 2020 and wrapped up in September of the same year, whereas the sophomore round was lensed from May to August 2021. Furthermore, production of the third season started in May 2022 and was completed by early September 2022. Now, let’s have a closer look at the locations that appear in the CBS series!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Most pivotal portions of ‘Family Law’ are lensed in Metro Vancouver, a metropolitan area with Vancouver as its center. Since the law firm where the story unfolds is situated in downtown Vancouver, the makers choose to shoot on location to add authenticity to the visuals. In addition, a private residence in the Kerrisdale neighborhood stands in for Abigail’s house in the series.

Several scenes from season 2 were recorded in False Creek, a short narrow inlet that separates Downtown and West End neighborhoods in the city. The cast and crew even utilize the premises of the Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio, the Yaletown neighborhood, the Jericho Beach Park, as well as the Vancouver Seawall to tape important sequences.

For season 3, the production team set up camp in and around the Vancouver Art Gallery, where they filmed at the 1931 Gallery Bistro and the north and south plazas. They also use a sound stage in the city of Langley, which was formerly a retail space. Lastly, famous local spots like Granville Island and Deep Cove feature in the backdrop of many scenes.

Metro Vancouver is a highly sought-after production location, given its diverse landscape, tax concessions on filming, and the availability of trained actors and crew members. The region has been a shooting site for many movies and TV shows like ‘Devil in Ohio,’ ‘Lou,’ ‘Quantum Leap,’ and ‘The Imperfects.’

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