Naked and Afraid (2024): Where Was Season 17 Filmed?

Discovery+’s ‘Naked and Afraid‘ is a survival reality series that focuses on the journey of two strangers, usually one man and one woman, who must survive together for 21 days in some of the most extreme environments where danger lurks in every corner in the form of predatory animals. As the title suggests, the two survivalists — all naked — must go through various adventures with limited resources and without food. Besides the perils of surviving in the wild, the contestants must also confront their personal struggles.

In the first episode of season 17, a hunter was paired with a farmer and the two tried to survive with the support of each other. However, when the hunter could not use his talents, they risked their life for food. In another episode, a female contestant also had to deal with menstruation in the middle of a dense forest. Moreover, the armchair survival knowledge of two critics was tested as they attempted to survive a 14-day fan challenge. ‘Naked and Afraid’ season 17 kept the viewers gripped through each episode as the contestants attempted to survive the relentless wildlife. But just like every other season, it raises questions about its shooting locations in the fans’ minds.

Naked and Afraid Season 17 Was Filmed in South Africa and Colombia

‘Naked and Afraid’ season 17 was filmed in the wilderness of South Africa and Colombia. From the looks of it, principal photography for the 17th iteration of the survival series took place around the spring of 2023. So, let us follow the contestants and learn more about the specific sites where they go on their naked adventures!

South Africa

A majority of the adventure in season 17 of ‘Naked and Afraid’ unfolded in South Africa. For instance, in a few episodes, some contestants traverse through the Black Hills of the barren region of the Northern Cape, recovering from injuries and dealing with deadly predators, including man-eating crocodiles, lions, and poisonous snakes. Known for its rich and diverse wildlife, South Africa serves as the ideal production location for a survival show like ‘Naked and Afraid.’


To shoot a few later stages of ‘Naked and Afraid’ season 17, the production team also traveled to the South American country of Colombia. Specifically, some of the contestants were mentored by a couple of fan-favorite survivalists in the challenging all-women tribe scenario in the South American country. Considered one of the megadiverse countries in biodiversity, Colombia has a diverse flora and fauna, which can be seen in some episodes of the reality show’s 17th season.

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