Neighbors: All the Shooting Details Explored

A couple with an infant meets a group of party-loving frat brothers next door in the 2014 comedy movie ‘Neighbors,’ helmed by Nicholas Stoller. Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne essay the roles of Mac and Kelly Radner, the couple who move to the suburbs after they give birth to a daughter. Soon, the peaceful start to their new life is disrupted by the arrival of the Delta Psi Beta fraternity next door. Afraid to seem uncool, the couple welcomes the frat president Teddy and the rest of the group, trying their best to get along with them.

However, when the Radners’ nights and lives are upended by the non-stop and loud party next door, their patience runs out and they call the cops on their young neighbors. When the frat party is disturbed by the cops, Teddy finds out that Mac and Kelly betrayed them, kickstarting an all-out war between the two neighbors. Since most of the story unfolds in and around two properties in a suburban neighborhood, the viewers must be eager to find out the exact locations where the film was shot.

Neighbors Was Filmed in California

‘Neighbors’ was filmed in its entirety in California, specifically in Los Angeles County. According to reports, production of the Zac Efron starrer got underway in April 2013 under the working title ‘Townies’ and wrapped up after 38 days of shooting, by the end of May of the same year. So, let’s follow the rival neighbors and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that feature in the comedy film!

Los Angeles County, California

The shooting of all the pivotal sequences for ‘Neighbors’ was carried out in Los Angeles County, with the eponymous city serving as its county seat. Beginning by getting rid of your curiosity regarding the location of the two main properties, they are situated next to each other, as portrayed in the movie, at 2179 and 2203 West 20th Street in Los Angeles. The former was doubled as Mac and Kelly’s house while the latter served as the house where the Delta Psi Beta fraternity stays and hosts wild frat parties. In a few scenes, the house at 2180 West 20th Street in LA also features in the backdrop.

The production team of ‘Neighbors’ also took over the Universal CityWalk Hollywood at 100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City to tape various important scenes. For instance, the scene where Teddy realizes he should be a shirtless model is recorded outside Abercrombie & Fitch within the CityWalk. Meanwhile, the restaurant scene where the Radners meet with Assjuice was captured inside Johnny Rockets, which is a restaurant located on the Universal CityWalk.

An office building at 20525 Nordhoff Street in the suburban neighborhood of Chatsworth in Los Angeles was utilized to shoot the scenes involving Mac’s office, including the one where he sits on his chair only to find that the airbags of his car were placed on it. Mac and Kelly take their infant daughter to the park, which was represented by the Bellevue Recreational Center at 826 Lucile Avenue in the Silver Lake district of the City of Angels. Furthermore, the Students Job Fair scenes were shot on the campus of the Los Angeles City College at 855 North Vermont Avenue in LA.

In addition, several exterior scenes for ‘Neighbors’ were also lensed under the Hollywood Freeway overpass at Heliotrope Drive and Clinton Street in Los Angeles. There, the scene where Mac gives out flyers to the homeless people under a bridge was recorded. He continues giving out flyers to others in other parts of the city, including around 4350 Melrose Avenue, where he hands them out to the sex workers on a corner.

Since the city of Los Angeles is home to several tall buildings and local landmarks, it is possible that you might be able to spot a few of them in the backdrop, such as Los Angeles City Hall, Griffith Observatory, Venice Beach, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Venice Canal Historic District. Given its link to the Hollywood industry, it is one of the favorite production locations for many filmmakers, which makes it a regular feature in movies and TV shows. Over the years, its locales can be spotted in ‘Family Switch,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘The Family Stone,’ and ‘Shameless.’

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