Where To Stream Blithe Spirit?

‘Blithe Spirit’ is a British comedy directed by Edward Hall. The film’s script was adapted by Nick Moorcroft, Meg Leonard, and Piers Ashworth from the 1941 play of the same name penned by Noël Coward. The ensemble of the film includes some popular names, including Dan Stevens as Charles Condomine, Isla Fisher as Ruth Condomine, Judi Dench as Madame Arcati, and Leslie Mann as Elvira Condomine. Even though it received a rather lukewarm response from the critics, the story the film tells is a beloved classic and one that fans of period comedies may enjoy most. If you are wondering where you can watch this movie online, we have you covered.

What is Blithe Spirit About?

The movie’s premise takes the audience back to England in the 1930s, where Charles Condomine, a highly accomplished crime novelist, is suffering from writer’s block. Thinking he needs divine intervention, he seeks the help of a medium, Madame Arcati. Madame Arcati summons the ghost of Charles’ first wife, Elvira Condomine. Elvira’s ghost helps Charles find inspiration to fuel his writing.

However, not everyone is happy with her presence, least of all Charles’ infuriated current wife, Ruth. Elvira’s ghost is just another addition to Ruth’s list of frustrations, which already has a struggling husband in it. The film then follows the hilarious turn of events as the characters try to figure out a way to appease the situation. The film manages to shine through the wonderful performances of the lead actors.

Is Blithe Spirit on Netflix?

‘Blithe Spirit’ is not on Netflix at the moment. But if you are interested in watching other similar quirky comedies, you might find ‘When We First Met‘ and ‘Murder Mystery‘ interesting.

Is Blithe Spirit on Hulu?

‘Blithe Spirit’ is currently not on Hulu. However, you can watch a plethora of similar comedy movies on the platform. Our recommendations are ‘What Men Want‘ (a woman develops the ability to hear what men around her are thinking) and ‘How Do You Know?‘ (a good old love triangle).

Is Blithe Spirit on Amazon Prime?

While ‘Blithe Spirit’ is not part of Amazon Prime’s free content roster that comes with the subscription, the movie is available to watch on Prime as VOD. You can buy or rent the film here.

Where To Watch Blithe Spirit Online?

For audiences in the UK, ‘Blithe Spirit’ is available on Sky Cinema through a paid subscription. For audiences in the States, ‘Blithe Spirit’ is available to buy or rent on select VOD platforms, including Vudu. It will be available on Google Play in the near future.

How To Stream Blithe Spirit For Free?

‘Blithe Spirit’ is only available to buy or rent on VOD platforms and is not being offered by any platform with a free trial as of now.

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