Where Was A Perfect Pairing Filmed?

Image Credit: Vince Valitutti/Netflix

With Stuart McDonald at the helm, ‘A Perfect Pairing’ is a romantic comedy film on Netflix. It follows Lola Alvarez, an ambitious LA wine company executive who travels all the way to Australia for business purposes. In order to win over a major client, she signs up to work at a sheep farm. What is meant to be a business trip soon turns out to be something more when sparks start to fly between Lola and a rugged and mysterious local man, Max.

The Netflix movie features impressive performances from Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, and Luca Sardelis. The narrative is primarily set against the backdrop of farms in the countryside, keeping the overall feel of the movie particularly bright and full of life. Thus, the beautiful landscape that forms the canvas against which the storyline unfolds is bound to catch your attention. So, if you wish to know about the locations utilized to shoot the film, we have got the answers!

A Perfect Pairing Filming Locations

‘A Perfect Pairing’ was filmed entirely in the Australian state of Queensland, particularly in the Gold Coast. Moreover, the movie is produced by a Queensland-based production company named Hoodlum Entertainment, which has won several accolades, including the Emmy and BAFTA awards. The principal photography of the film seemingly commenced in August 2021 and wrapped up in early October 2021. Now, let’s navigate through the places that feature in this rom-com!

Gold Coast, Australia

The production team utilized the lush green landscape of the Gold Coast to create the ideal setting for the farm sequences. The coastal city is situated in Queensland – the second-largest state in the country – which lies in the northeastern region of Australia. Since the 1990s, the Gold Coast has been one of the major production locations in Queensland as it contributes to a large percentage of movies filmed in the state. In fact, the coastal city is considered the third-largest film production hub in Australia.

Over the years, the Gold Coast has served as a prominent filming site for a number of movies and TV shows. Some of the most notable ones are ‘Scooby-Doo,’ ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ ‘Unbroken,’ and ‘Young Rock.’

Apparently, several pivotal scenes were also shot in the town and suburb of Nerang, which is situated in the City of Gold Coast. In order to pay respect to the Kombumerri people – who are native to the region – the film acknowledges their contribution to the production in the end credits. Moreover, quite a lot of animals feature in the film. So, the producers reportedly worked closely with the Animal Protection Agency to make sure that there was no harm done to them during the filming process.

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