Where Was A Quiet Place Part 2 Filmed?

‘A Quiet Place Part 2’ is a post-apocalyptic horror movie that follows the Abbott family as they try to escape the macabre sightless monsters that use their acute hearing for hunting. Finding themselves out of their home, the family ventures into the ravaged urban wilderness to look for survivors and are besieged by the creatures. The film portrays times from before and after the apocalypse, with picturesque towns being overrun by destructive forces.

The derelict backdrop and surreal scenes of dilapidated towns give the movie a feeling of all-encompassing danger, made even more ominous by the characters having to make their way through the wreckage while being completely silent. So, where did the movie find its post-apocalyptic small-town backdrop? Let’s find out.

A Quiet Place Part 2 Filming Locations

‘A Quiet Place Part 2’ is set in a small town and its surrounding area. The movie was shot in New York State, across multiple towns, cities, and countryside locations, especially in the westernmost region of the state. It also features the state’s coastline. Filming commenced on July 15, 2019, and wrapped up by late September of the same year. Here are the specific filming locations that were used!

Erie County, New York

Filming took place extensively in Erie County, with the production team spending more than a month shooting in Akron, Grand Island, and Orchard Park. The now-defunct Bethlehem Steel Plant at 108 Seneca Drive in Lackawanna is also featured in the film. In parts of Akron and Orchard park, where the post-apocalyptic movie was filmed, residents were requested not to mow their lawns for three weeks before production so that the backdrop would look authentic.

The film also happens to be one of the biggest movie productions for the city of Buffalo, which is the seat of the county. Multiple locations in and around the city were used for outdoor filming, including some industrial sites. One of the nearby Grand Island Bridges was also closed for traffic for 13 hours by the production crew. Studio filming was undertaken at Buffalo FilmWorks, located at 370 Babcock Street, and on 2 of their massive soundstages.

Chautauqua County, New York

Multiple towns in Chautauqua County were used as filming locations for outdoor scenes. Being the westernmost county in the coastal state, the film’s seaside scenes were also filmed here, notably in the town of Westfield. In addition, the Barcelona Harbor on Erie Lake Road and the attached pier and surrounding area were used for filming waterfront scenes. Additional scenes were also shot in the nearby city of Dunkirk, which is about 20 minutes away.

Dutchess County, New York

The production team revisited Dutchess County, which also appears in ‘A Quiet Place,’ for filming small town and countryside scenes. A quarter-mile stretch of the West Dover Road between the towns of Dover and Pawling was closed for filming for over 5 days. Nearby Ulster County was also revisited to film at the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail near Springtown Road in New Paltz, which also appears in the first film. A few scenes were also filmed in the village of New Paltz.

Other Locations in New York

Additionally, the production crew filmed in the village of Olcott and the town of North Tonawanda in Niagara County. Stenzil Field, located near Stenzil Street in North Tonawanda was used for filming for almost 10 days. Lastly, some scenes of the movie were also filmed in New York City.

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