Where Was Boss Level Filmed?

Directed by Joe Carnahan, ‘Boss Level’ is a sci-fi action film that uses the familiar trope of people getting stuck in a time-loop. Moreover, the video-game-like features drive the film’s narrative as the protagonist dies multiple times, only to be resurrected again. ‘Boss Level’ follows an ex-military operative caught in a time-loop where dangerous assassins hunt him. However hard he tries to escape their assault, the retired soldier ends up being killed by them. He later realizes that he is a part of a program called the Osiris Spindle, which has created the time-loop.

The reasons behind the time-loop become clear to him, which intertwines his family in the situation. The film is interspersed with some fast-paced action sequences that require meticulous planning to execute efficiently. The locations are an eclectic mix of urban and hi-tech facilities with beautiful art decor. We got curious and decided to delve into the details of the filming locations. If you are eager to know more, we have got your back!

Boss Level Filming Locations

‘Boss Level’ was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from the capital of Georgia, the filming process also took place in Savannah and Decatur in the southeastern US state. Production began in March 2018 and continued for about two months. The post-production process was a lengthy affair since some of the action sequences involved a lot of CGI. Let us have a detailed look at the filming locations.

Atlanta, Georgia

Filming of ‘Boss Level’ began in Atlanta, Georgia, in April 2018. Most of the action scenes and stunts were shot in the city, with the film’s second unit moving in and around different places to get the required shots. The team did some production work in Oakland City Station – a rail station operating on the Red and Gold lines of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail system.

Other locations include the Pullman Yard located in Kirkwood, Atlanta. The Atlanta Urban Design Commission nominated the place as a historical landmark in 2017. Other movies to have filmed on the site include ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ and ‘Bad Boys 3.’ The production crew filmed some of the scenes of ‘Boss Level’ near the Georgia Aquarium located at 225 Baker Street, Atlanta. The restaurant scene where Roy visits to have his drink was also filmed in Atlanta.

Image Credit: First Look/YouTube

Savannah, Georgia

The production of ‘Boss Level’ started in Savannah, Georgia, in March 2018. Savannah is a coastal city in Georgia with beautiful heritage places and breathtaking natural locales. The Chippewa Square in Savannah was made famous by the scene in Forrest Gump, wherein the titular character waits on a bench for his bus.

Decatur, Georgia

Apart from Atlanta, some parts of the film were shot in Decatur, about 6 miles away from downtown Atlanta. The production crew was spotted in and around the area filming some footage. Any project involving commercial photography, film, or television productions completed in Decatur requires a permit as mandated by the requisite guidelines. Other movies that were filmed in the city include ‘The Informant!,’ ‘I, Tonya’ and ‘Remember the Titans.’

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