Where Was Chaos Filmed?

Directed by Tony Giglio, ‘Chaos’ is a film that’s exquisite for the fans of thrills. The 2005 action thriller is a stylish cop story on the surface, following the investigation of a heist by a group of criminals in a bank in Seattle, Washington. Lorenz (Wesley Snipes), the head of the criminals, demands the reinstation of Detective Quentin Conners (Jason Statham) for any sort of negotiations. Conners’ involvement opens up a string of puzzling events that is interconnected with the life of Conners and Lorenz, finally resolved by Conners’ partner, Detective Shane Dekker (Ryan Phillippe).

‘Chaos’ was lauded for its highly-gripped action treatment, mind-blowing twists, and striking visuals. To set the mood for the audience, cinematographer Richard Greatrex and director Tony Giglio have shot the film in a very cold and edgy city setting, making use of the grandeur of skyscrapers to heighten the flair. The incorporation of the locations into the riveting feel of ‘Chaos’ inspired us to take a look at them in detail. Here’s everything we found out!

Chaos Filming Locations

The filming of ‘Chaos’ took place in several locations in the US and Canada. Even though the film is set in Seattle, Greatrex and Giglio shot a major share of the film in British Columbia, Canada. Production of the film took place from March 17, 2004, to April 30 of the same year. Let us take you to the locations in detail!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver in British Columbia is one of the major locations of the film. The opening scene in which Conners and York encounter the carjacker John Curtis was shot on the Burrard Street Bridge in the city of Vancouver. The car chase shots were filmed at Robson Street and Beatty Street, two streets very near to the Burrard Street Bridge.

West Hastings Street and Hornby Street, along with the City Centre Motor Hotel in 2111 Main Street are the other locations of the film in Vancouver. Streets lined with long skyscrapers are one of the main attractions of Vancouver. Such an atmosphere really enhanced the film’s engrossing action scenes and chases.

Surrey, British Columbia

Some of the important scenes in ‘Chaos’ were also filmed in the magnificent Surrey Campus of Simon Fraser University, located at 13450 102 Avenue Unit 110 by the Central City Mall in Surrey. Designed by one of the prominent Canadian architects, Bing Thom, the vibrant campus proved pivotal for the interior shots.

Seattle, Washington

A seaport city on the West Coast of the US, Seattle is where the film is set in. Seattle’s spectacular multistoried buildings really set the frame for the enthralling thrills of the film. The compact urban ambiance of the city was in perfect accord with the action choreography, whereas sites by the port were integral for the narrative.

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