Where was Closet Monster Filmed?

Directed and written by Stephen Dunn, ‘Closet Monster’ is an LGBTQ+ drama movie that follows the life of a closeted gay teenager named Oscar Madly. With traumatic childhood memories still lingering in his mind after a decade, he can’t wait to get out of his hometown and eventually his head. However, when Oscar meets Wilder at the hardware store, his feelings start brimming up, coupled with severe stomach pains that remind him of his trauma.

The dark undertone used throughout the drama film tends to reflect the homophobia that is prevalent in society and its consequences for the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, the usage of some interesting backdrops in different scenes makes the viewers curious about the actual filming sites that were used for shooting the movie. Are you one such curious soul too? In that case, you might be interested in what we have to share about the same!

Closet Monster Filming Locations

‘Closet Monster’ was filmed entirely in the easternmost province of Canada — Newfoundland and Labrador, specifically in St. John’s, Fogo Island, and Mount Pearl. By shooting a majority of the movie in the locations where the narrative is set, Stephen Dunn and his team managed to introduce more authenticity and make the movie seem true-to-life.

Located in the Atlantic region, Newfoundland and Labrador is composed of two different parts, as you might have guessed already — the island of Newfoundland and the continental region of Labrador. Thanks to the province’s vast and diverse terrain, it has been frequented by several filmmakers over the years. Some of the well-known movies and TV shows that have utilized the locales of Newfoundland and Labrador include ‘Aquaman,’ ‘Contact,’ ‘Outlander,’ and ‘American Gods.’ Now, let’s navigate the locations that create the settings for the gripping LGBTQ+ drama!

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Most of ‘Closet Monster’ was lensed in St. John’s, the capital and largest city of Newfoundland and Labrador. The production team likely traveled across the vast cityscape to film exterior and interior sequences against suitable backdrops. Moreover, since the narrative is loosely based on Stephen Dunn’s childhood experiences living in St. John’s, it was only fitting that he used the capital city for filming the drama movie.

Located on the island of Newfoundland, the architecture in the St. John’s is quite different from the rest of the country, as most of the buildings are remnants of its rich history. The capital city is home to several museums and national historic sites, such as the Provincial Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador, Railway Coastal Museum, Murray Premises, and Signal Hill. Besides ‘Closet Monster,’ the city has featured in several other filming projects, such as ‘Maudie,’ ‘The Grand Seduction,’ and ‘Republic of Doyle.’

Other Locations in Newfoundland and Labrador

The production team also set up camp on Fogo Island, a town on the eponymous offshore island located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Apart from that, several pivotal sequences were taped in Mount Pearl, the second-largest city in the province. Located in the northeastern region of the Avalon Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland, it is landlocked between the Atlantic Ocean coast to the east and Conception Bay to the west.

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