Where Was C’mon C’mon Filmed?

Mike Mills’s drama film ‘C’mon C’mon’ follows Johnny, a traveling radio journalist, and his nine-year-old nephew Jesse. Since his sister is traveling to her mentally ill husband, Johnny starts to take care of Jesse. The black-and-white film progresses through their bonding as they hit the road together for a cross-country trip.

Along with a poignant and humane tale, Mill’s film offers an exploration of the distinct cityscapes Johnny travels with Jesse. As Jesse opens his eyes to new worlds and visions, the audience can’t help but be part of the journey as well. If you are curious to know about these cityscapes and locations, we have got you covered!

C’mon C’mon Filming Locations

‘C’mon C’mon’ was filmed in Michigan, New York, Louisiana, and California, specifically in Detroit, New York City, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and other regions in California. The principal photography of the film began in November 2019 and went on till January 2020. Now, let’s get into the specific locations in detail.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, the largest and most populous city in Michigan, serves as a significant location of the film. The James and Grace Lee Boggs School, located at Goethe Street, is one among the Detroit locations that feature in the film. Few of the interior shots were prominently filmed in the city as well. Detroit is the home of one of the astounding cityscapes in the Midwest, with stunning skyscrapers enhancing the appeal of the city. Recognized as a “City of Design” by UNESCO, the city is also a prominent entertainment production center. ‘It Follows’ and ‘BMF’ are two of the numerous productions filmed in the city.

New York City, New York

Filming also took place in New York City, the most populous city in the United States. Many iconic New York City sites, like East River, feature in the film. Filming significantly took place in Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City. The awe-inspiring Manhattan Bridge is one of the most recognizable locations of the film. As per reports, filming also took place at the famed Central Park, located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, located along the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana, is another important stop in Johnny and Jesse’s heartfelt journey. Filming took place at the lush City Park, a 1,300-acre public park in the city. The scenic tree-filled park’s distinctive appeal is vividly portrayed in the film. A parade scene is filmed in the city as well. The city is renowned for its cultural variety, which ranges from Creole cuisine to Mardi Gras. The city is also the home of numerous cultural establishments that enhance the outlook of New Orleans greatly.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, the largest city in the state of California, is also one of the major locations of the film. The filming took place at Wilshire Grand Center, a 1,100-foot skyscraper in the financial district of Downtown Los Angeles. The Downtown Los Angeles locations also include U.S. Bank Tower, located at West Fifth Street. As the home of Hollywood, the city hosts numerous entertainment productions all through the year.

Other Locations in California

Along with Los Angeles, filming also took place in Santa Monica, a coastal city west of Downtown Los Angeles. The iconic beaches and other coastal regions in the city are nothing but captivating. The Santa Monica Pier, a large double-jointed pier at the foot of Colorado Avenue, features in the film. Some scenes were also filmed in Oakland, a city on the east side of San Francisco Bay.

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