Where Was Demonic Filmed?

Directed by Oscar-nominated South African-Canadian filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, ‘Demonic’ is a science-fiction horror movie that revolves around Carly, a woman who is still dealing with traumatic nightmares that remind her of her mother’s horrifying actions decades ago. When Carly uses modern technological advancements to have a conversation with her estranged mother, the decades-old rift comes to the fore, and she ends up unleashing terrifying demons that put the lives of those near her in danger.

The petrifying drama that unfolds has been captured with unnerving visuals of the ever-present demonic forces, which can naturally make viewers curious about the film’s shooting locations. In case you are looking for similar information, we have got you covered.

Demonic Filming Locations

‘Demonic’ was filmed entirely in British Columbia. Reportedly, Neill had initially planned to shoot the movie in the deserts of New Mexico, but the global coronavirus pandemic that struck the world forced him to change his plans. He was then forced to film the movie in the westernmost province of the Great White North. The production took place secretly in the region in the summer of 2020.

It is not surprising that Neill decided to shoot the film in British Columbia, which has become a center of film production in North America and is consistently attracting countless film and television production projects every year. Intrigued by the film’s production, we decided to dig deeper and learn more about the exact shooting location of the horror movie. Here’s everything we could find out.

Okanagan, British Columbia

The shooting of the Neill Blomkamp directorial is reportedly done primarily in Okanagan. Also known as Okanagan Valley or Okanagan Country, the region is famous for its wineries and fruit orchard. Since the production took place when COVID-19 was wreaking havoc in the rest of the world, the cast and crew were supposedly quarantined before the filming began.

The talented director used volumetric capture, a relatively new digital film technique to shoot the horror film that adds an unsettling feeling to the movie and makes it even scarier.

Neill’s brother, Mike Blomkamp, shouldered the responsibility of ensuring that everyone on the set was safe and all the necessary protocols were diligently followed by everyone. Located about 250 miles away from Vancouver in southern British Columbia, Okanagan has previously hosted the production of several movies, some of them are ‘Secrets of a Marine’s Wife,’ ‘Valentine in the Vineyard,’ and ‘The Angel Tree.’

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