Where Was Dr. Death Season 2 Filmed?

Image Credit: David Giesbrecht/Peacock

Created by Patrick Macmanus and Ashley Michel Hoban, Peacock’s ‘Dr. Death’ is a true crime anthology series that is adapted from the eponymous podcast. The sophomore round is particularly based on the season titled ‘Miracle Man’ of ‘Dr. Death’ podcast, and chronicles the true tale of Beinta Alexander’s relationship with a handsome surgeon named Paolo Macchiarini. Widely recognized for his innovative operation methods, Paolo is also known as “Miracle Man.” Benita, a curious journalist, intrigued by the surgeon, decides to approach him for a potential story, but when the personal and professional line between the two starts to blend, her life turns upside down.

Over time, Benita realizes that Paolo can go to extreme lengths to keep his dark secrets buried and hidden from the world. Meanwhile, several other doctors all around the world question everything that Paolo stands for and does. The backdrop of the hospital and the residences of the characters turn many viewers’ heads with curiosity about the shooting locations of the second season of ‘Dr. Death.’

Dr. Death Season 2 Was Shot in New York and Spain

‘Dr. Death’ season 2 was filmed in New York and Spain, particularly in New York City and Barcelona. As per reports, production of the sophomore round got underway in early December 2022 and continued for the following four months or so, before getting wrapped up in April 2023. So, let’s delve into the details of all the specific sites that appear in season 2 of the Peacock show!

New York City, New York

The shooting for a major chunk of ‘Dr. Death’ season 2 took place in New York City as the filming unit took over different streets and neighborhoods of the Big Apple and turned them into film sets. NYC consists of five boroughs, namely Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Out of them, Brooklyn served as one of the prominent production locations, with the cast and crew members spotted in and around the NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health at 2601 Ocean Parkway in New York’s Brooklyn borough.

In an interview with CherryPicks, Jennifer Morrison, one of the directors of Dr. Death season 2, talked about the reasons she was more excited to shoot the episodes of the second season as compared to the inaugural one. She elaborated, “This season excited me for many reasons. It is always a thrill to get to direct the pilot episode of something. You get to set the look, tone, and cast of the show. It feels like directing a small feature. This season, we cross-boarded four episodes, so it feels more like a giant four-hour film. The challenge of that and establishing the new visuals excited me. The first four episodes also jump between two different timelines, and I enjoyed taking on the demands of visually delineating each of them.”

Barcelona, Spain

After wrapping up the New York City portion, in April 2023, the filming unit took the production all the way to Barcelona, Spain. There, they made sure to utilize the historical and modern landscape to shoot important scenes against suitable backdrops as well as to capture the attention of viewers. The picturesque locales and streets of Barcelona have been attracting many filmmakers to tape different kinds of film and TV projects, such as ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer,’ ‘The Life of David Gale,’ ‘The Legacy of the Bones,’ and ‘Who Is Erin Carter?.’

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