Where Was Fever Dream Filmed?

Image Credit: Diego Araya/Netflix

‘Distancia de Rescate,’ known as ‘Fever Dream’ in English, is an American-Chilean Spanish language film directed by Claudia Llosa based on Samanta Schweblin’s novel of the same name. The slow-burn thriller movie examines the bond between a parent and child through the urgency of environmental and social challenges that lie in front of us. It tells the story of Amanda, who uncovers the dark secrets of her new neighbor, Carola, while trying to figure out what happened to Carola’s son.

The eerie narrative unfolds against the scenic and serene backdrop of a small South American town. Like us, if you were also captivated by the beautiful sites seen in the movie, we are sure you’ll enjoy reading more about where they were brought to life. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the filming locations of ‘Fever Dream!’

Fever Dream Filming Locations

Principal photography on ‘Fever Dream’ commenced in February 2019 and wrapped up on March 26 of the same year. The novel on which the film is based is primarily set in Argentina, as is its film adaptation. However, the American-Chilean-Spanish movie was actually shot in Chile. Filming took place on location in various parts of the country, mainly in Los Lagos and Araucania regions. Let’s take a closer look at the exact filming spots!

Puerto Varas, Chile

Puerto Varas is one of the primary filming locations of the movie. The city is situated in Llanquihue Province in Chile’s Los Lagos Region. Dubbed “The City of Roses,” Puerto Varas is known for its European (mainly German) influenced culture. Thus, it is a suitable stand-in for Argentina. Llanquihue Lake, the second largest lake in Chile and a popular tourist spot, appears in the movie.

Frutillar, Chile

A sizeable portion of the movie was shot in Frutillar. The city and commune is set on the shores of the Llanquihue Lake in the Los Lagos Region. It is best known for its music and architecture and also has a German influence on its culture. Frutillar’s proximity to Puerto Varas, along with its culture and scenic beauty, could be factors behind the production team’s choice to shoot in the city.

Santiago, Chile

The cast and crew of ‘Fever Dream’ also visited Santiago, the capital of Chile, to film some important sequences. The city offers a soulful blend of various architectural styles along with an abundance of natural vegetation, making it an ideal location for ‘Fever Dream,’ which is set in the Argentinian countryside. Some sequences were shot in the vicinity of the Andes Mountains, which can be prominently seen from the city.

Araucania, Chile

Filming also took place in the Araucania region of Chile, mainly in and around the city of Pucón. Located in central Chile’s Lake District, Pucon is a famous tourist destination and offers various outdoor activities such as skiing, backpacking, white water rafting, and skydiving.

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