Haunted Mansion: Where Was the Comedy Movie Filmed?

A reboot of the 2003 eponymous movie and the second theatrical film adaptation of Walt Disney’s theme park attraction The Haunted Mansion, Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ is a supernatural horror comedy movie that centers upon a single mother, Gabbie, and her son Travis who move into a newly bought mansion, which turns out to be haunted by ghosts. In order to exorcise the mansion once and for all, Gabbie enlists the help of a motley crew consisting of spiritual experts, including a former paranormal investigator turned tour guide, a priest, a psychic, and a college history professor.

Directed by Justin Simien, the film is driven by compelling performances by a star-studded ensemble cast comprising LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jared Leto. Given the eerie backdrop of the haunted mansion and the surrounding areas, the viewers are likely to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Haunted Mansion.’ If you are in the same boat, we have got you covered!

Haunted Mansion Filming Locations

‘Haunted Mansion’ was filmed in Louisiana and Georgia, especially in New Orleans and Metro Atlanta. As per reports, principal photography for the horror comedy film commenced in early October 2021 and wrapped up in late February 2022. Now, let’s not waste any time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Disney movie!

New Orleans, Louisiana

The consolidated city parish of New Orleans is known for its historical architecture as well as paranormal activity in certain areas, which make it the perfect filming site for a production based on a haunted mansion filled with lots of twists and turns, scares, laughs, and a hint of the signature Disney magic. So, first and foremost, the exterior of the haunted mansion in the movie is that of the Buckner Mansion at 1410 Jackson Avenue in New Orleans. It was constructed in 1856 for the cotton kingpin Henry Sullivan Buckner, whose intention was to own a bigger and grander home as compared to his ex-partner and rival, Frederick Stanton.

The production team set up camp in and around various other establishments across New Orleans, including Napolean House at 500 Chartres Street, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar at 941 Bourbon Street, Preservation Hall at 726 Street Peter, Voodoo Authentica Inc at 612 Dumaine Street, Jackson Square, formerly known as the Place d’Armes or Plaza de Armas, and Tulane University at 6823 St. Charles Avenue. Several exterior scenes for ‘Haunted Mansion’ were also taped in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 at 1427 Washington Avenue, Royal Street, and the Crescent City Connection.

Metro Atlanta, Georgia

A significant portion of ‘Haunted Mansion’ was also taped in Metro Atlanta AKA the Atlanta metropolitan area. Atlanta, which is the metropolitan area’s economic, cultural, and demographic center, served as one of the primary production locations. The filming unit reportedly traveled across the city of Atlanta and recorded several important scenes against suitable backdrops.

Apart from Atlanta, the production team also made the most of the facilities of Trilith Studios at 461 Sandy Creek Road in the city of Fayetteville. A majority of the interior scenes of the haunted mansion were lensed in a sound stage of the film studio. Situated near Atlanta’s international airport, the film studio is home to 24 different sound stages with a myriad of options with flexibility when it comes to size and function. Other than that, it also consists of over 400 acres of unique landscapes, including city streets and fields, in the backlot area. All these amenities and more make Trilith Studios an ideal production location for different kinds of film projects.

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