Where Was Holidate Filmed?

‘Holidate’ is a romantic comedy that focuses on two people, Sloane and Jackson. Both of them are single and face immense pressure from their families to find a partner. This tension only increases around the holidays, and so, they decide to be each other’s platonic plus ones for each festive occasion. But will cupid strike them nonetheless? Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey bring these characters to life. If you’re eager to find out where this all-too-familiar story was filmed, then this article is for you.

Holidate Filming Locations

While the story is set in Chicago, ‘Holidate’ was filmed in Georgia. The screenwriter, Tiffany Paulsen, explained why the Windy City was important to the plot, saying, “Because the hook of the romance was a year of dates, I knew I wanted to set the story in a city that would really reflect the change in seasons. Snowy winters, fall foliage, summer fun on the lake!”

However, all this could easily be replicated in Georgia. Moreover, given that the Peach State offers some rather lucrative tax incentives to the entertainment industry, it is no surprise that the cast and crew headed over there for filming purposes.


Principal photography started in May of 2019, and reportedly, the shoot lasted for all of 34 days. It is noteworthy that the cast gathered for a table read three days before filming commenced. Furthermore, the city of Atlanta that doubled as Chicago. A casting call was put out in June 2019, seeking an Asian man and woman over 50. Apart from this, they were also looking for an elderly couple (aged 60+) from the vicinity of Norcross.

One particular location that was well documented on social media is the Gwinnett Place Mall. Its exact address is 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth. Even though it was just June and the festive season was months away, the stores were already adorned in holiday decorations. The production team also alerted mall-goers about filming.

They stated that they were consenting to being recorded by entering the premises. Furthermore, the food court area was closed off, and only people who wanted to visit the beauty counters could approach the vicinity. Apart from this, no photos or videos were allowed. Interestingly, shooting for ‘Stranger Things’ also took place in the same mall a year before.

The cinematographer who worked on ‘Holidate,’ Shane Hurlbut, took to Instagram to showcase the equipment. In the video below, he also explained the setup they were using for the movie while introducing some members of his team. Alongside this, Twitter also suggested that Peachtree Industrial, at South Old Peachtree Rd., was used by filmmakers for a few scenes.  

(Video Credits: @shanehurlbutasc, Instagram)

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