Where Was Home Sweet Home Alone Filmed?

‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ is a family comedy film that attempts a new take on a familiar premise. A resourceful child left alone at home gives two unsuspecting thieves the runaround with hilarious outcomes. This time around, the thieves are a relatively innocent couple in search of a precious family heirloom, and our young hero has a veritable arsenal of household trap-making paraphernalia. The cavernous house with multiple levels and entryways makes the perfect setting for the chaotic events, and a sprinkle of Christmas scenery makes this the perfect holiday movie. So, are you curious about where ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ was filmed? We’ve got the story!

Home Sweet Home Alone Filming Locations

‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ was primarily filmed in Canada, although a small section of the movie was also shot in Tokyo, Japan. Principal photography reportedly began in February 2020 but had to be halted the following month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations that feature in the movie.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The film is set in a Chicago suburb but was filmed in Canada. The bustling city of Vancouver was reportedly used for filming a few scenes. It is very likely that studio filming was also undertaken in Vancouver, which is known for its production facilities. It is no wonder that numerous filming projects are carried out in the city at any given time. Since the film was shot in winter, a few snowy outdoor scenes may have been filmed in Vancouver.

Montreal, Quebec

A majority of filming took place in and around the city of Montreal, where a home in the suburb of Beaconsfield was used for on-location filming. According to a local resident, the entire street was given a festive air and seemingly used as a backdrop, with Christmas decorations adorning multiple houses and street lights.

In addition, filming was reportedly scheduled to take place briefly in the nearby suburb of Hudson. Multiple locations around Montreal feature in the film to stand in for Winnetka in Cook County, Illinois, just north of Chicago, which is where the movie is set.

Other Locations in Quebec

Longueuil near Montreal is another place that hosted the production team, as multiple locations of the picturesque city were used for filming. The local park, Parc St-Mark on 340 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest (West), was one such location. Scenes were reportedly lensed at the Christmas market in the park, which we see as the Winnetka Traditional Christmas Fair in the film. According to sources, the Christmas village scenes for the holiday movie were shot shot at Café Terrasse 1957 on 305 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest in Longueuil as well as in the Vieux-Longueuil borough.

Tokyo, Japan

Max’s parents leave him behind while they head to Japan for the Christmas holidays. Therefore, a few establishing shots were supposedly filmed in the bustling city of Tokyo. It is quite possible that stock footage was also used in a few scenes depicting the Japanese capital.

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