Where Was I Am Your Woman Filmed?

Set in the 1970s, ‘I’m Your Woman’ is a crime drama that revolves around a woman named Jean (Rachel Brosnahan), the wife of a criminal who double-crosses his partner, forcing Jean to take her child and try to escape the vengeful clutches of her husband’s former associates. The early part of the film centers around Jean’s day-to-day experience as a restless housewife who has no idea when and if her husband will return.

After Jean goes on the run, she becomes acquainted with Teri, whose circumstances are quite similar to those of hers. Following its release, the film received mostly positive reviews from the critics, with many praising its focus on the character development and the performances of the main cast members. If you are wondering where this Julia Hart (‘Stargirl’) directorial venture was filmed, we’ve got you covered!

I’m Your Woman Filming Locations

Hart and cinematographer Bryce Fortner shot ‘I’m Your Woman’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The production began in October 2019 and reportedly concluded sometime in November or December. Here are the specific filming locations!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

‘I’m Your Woman’ was filmed extensively in and around Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania. Several scenes were shot in southwestern Pennsylvania, especially in the city of McKeesport, located in Allegheny County. Pittsburgh has a long history of film and entertainment. The film industry of the city was set up in 1914. Since the 1990s, Pittsburgh has hosted the production crews of over 100 motion pictures and TV shows and is currently one of the most prominent filming locations in America.

The revenue that film tourism brings has convinced the city officials to build entertainment-friendly infrastructure and encourage the residents to acquire skills necessary to work in the industry. The latter has led to the emergence of a highly competent entertainment-based workforce. At present, the state’s Film Tax Credit Program offers 25% tax credits on total expenses if 60% or more of the principal photography of a movie is done in the state.

Furthermore, the film’s total budget has to be under $70 million to receive tax cuts. However, there are people in the state’s film community who feel that the number should be raised to at least $150 million to further grow the entertainment sector in the region. Some of the movies that have been filmed in Pittsburgh are ‘Happiest Season’ (2020), ‘The West Wing’ (1999-2006), and ‘Mindhunter’ (2017-2019).

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