Lifetime’s Her Fiance’s Double Life: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

Lifetime’s ‘Her Fiance’s Double Life’ (also known as ‘Falling for a Killer’) centers around Assistant DA Darcy Young, who visits her family home to meet her sister’s fiance, Thomas Schure. His behavior is suspicious to her, and she can sense something odd about his persona. Their fast-paced relationship takes Darcy aback, and she soon discovers the truth about Thomas, who threatens her loved ones.

Now, Darcy must do everything to protect her family from Thomas’ evil intentions. The thriller movie is directed by Lindsay Hartley, who brings the story to life with her eerie and dark choice of aesthetics and backdrop. If you want to know more about the Lifetime movie‘s gritty and suspenseful filming sites, which elevate nearly every scene, we’ve got you covered.

Her Fiance’s Double Life: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Her Fiance’s Double Life’ was filmed in South Carolina, mainly in Horry County. The principal photography for the movie seemingly commenced in July 2022 and wrapped up after three weeks on August 8, 2022. The southeastern state is known for its historic cities, beaches, and natural scenic beauty. Moreover, the weather is favorable all year round, and filmmakers receive excellent tax incentives. Now, let’s look at the exact places that can be spotted in the Lifetime thriller!

Horry County, South Carolina

The production team lensed several portions of ‘Her Fiance’s Double Life’ in Horry County, situated in the coastal plain region of South Carolina. They set up camp in Myrtle Beach, the largest city in the county, with numerous resorts, golf courses, and residential development. It is a popular tourist attraction with multiple entertainment options. The coastal city houses amusement parks and shopping centers and is a known spot for recreational water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and parasailing.

Conway, the seat of Horry County, served as another production location for the Lifetime movie. It has a charming downtown area and natural hiking and bird-watching sites. In addition, Conway is a hub for education, with some of the most prestigious universities. Conway Riverwalk, Horry County Museum, and Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge are a few of the popular places in the city that are worth a visit.

Horry County is known for its flat terrains with rolling hills, sandy beaches, dunes, wetlands, forests, marshes, and numerous water bodies. The climate remains subtropical, with humid summers and mild winters. The thriller movie ‘Broken Halos’ was also taped in the region.

Her Fiance’s Double Life Cast

‘Her Fiance’s Double Life’ features Olivia Buckle as Darcy Young, the talented Assistant DA. You might recognize the gifted actress from ‘Looking For Her’ as Taylor and ‘Toxic Impulses’ as Zemira. On the other hand, Jonathan Stoddard essays the role of Thomas Schure, Darcy’s sister’s mysterious fiance. Stoddard is best known for his roles in ‘Love On Retreat’ and ‘The Soulmate Search.’ Interestingly, director Lindsay Hartley plays Marta Baugh in the movie.

The multi-talented actress has given noteworthy performances in ‘Killer Twin‘ as Kendra Walker and ‘Prisoner Of Love’ as Amanda James. Other cast members include Aubrey Reynolds (Brea Young), Mike Gassaway (Douglass Young), Amanda Button (Amanda Dolenz), Ali Zahiri 9Justin), and Grant Pfost (Tony). Furthermore, Langley Cornwell (Loretta Young), Marcus Patterson (Officer J. Birch), Jim O’Brien (Earl), Hadassah Patterson (Kristina), and Marcel Patterson (Officer T. Allen) appear in pivotal roles in the Lifetime movie.

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