Lifetime’s Infidelity Can Be Fatal: All Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Liftime’s ‘Infidelity Can Be Fatal’ revolves around Lucy, a private investigator who unveils the true face of cheating husbands and lovers to their unsuspecting partners. She comes across Clive, a man she doesn’t fully know but falls in love with. As time passes, the investigator discovers how this mystery man might be her impending doom and worst nightmare. The thriller movie is helmed by Danny J. Boyle, who effortlessly utilizes the eerie and dark backdrop to create suspense. If your inner film aficionado wants to learn about these shooting locations, we’ve got you covered.

Infidelity Can Be Fatal: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Infidelity Can Be Fatal’ was filmed in British Columbia, mainly in Kamloops. The principal photography for the Lifetime movie occurred around July 2022, and the team seemingly wrapped up the project on July 20. The Western Canadian province is known for its stunning natural landscapes and competitive tax incentives. It is the home to Vancouver, AKA  Hollywood North, along with other renowned cities and towns. Now, let’s explore the exact locations that appear in the thriller movie!

Kamloops, British Columbia

‘Infidelity Can Be Fatal’ was primarily lensed in Kamloops, a city at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. It has a varied terrain ranging from mountains, forests, rivers, and trails. Besides, the dry and sunny climate attracts moviemakers for outdoor filming opportunities. The production team reportedly recorded some segments on Victoria Street and other parts of Canada’s Tournament Capital. The city experiences four seasons throughout the year, which helps tape different scenarios.

Kamloops is also a place of great cultural significance, as many First Nations communities settled here. Therefore, it can be the perfect backdrop to unique and culturally diverse storylines. Moreover, the expenses are pretty low compared to larger cities where filmmakers spend more on permits and accommodations. Kamloops Airport, Downtown Kamloops, Kamloops Indian Band Reserve, and Kamloops Lake are major production spots of the lively city. Other thriller movies shot in this area include ‘Shooter’ and ‘The A-Team.’

Infidelity Can Be Fatal Cast

Matthew MacCaull essays Clive in the Lifetime movie. You might know the versatile actor from his roles in ‘Food for the Heart’ as Eli and ‘Tomorrowland’ as Dave Clark. On the other hand, Lanie McAuley plays Lucy. The talented McAuley is best known for her portrayal of Sky in ‘Country Roads Christmas’ and Chloe in ‘The Podcast Murders.’

Other cast members include Dalias Blake (August), Carly Fawcett (Cami), Jonathan Hawley Purvis (Charles), Vincent Ross as Remi, Alana Hawley Purvis (Adriana), and Sasha Piltsin (Dimitri). Furthermore, Shay Galor (Jane), Alvin Tam (Rex), and Truman Tremblay (Dean Calvet) appear in pivotal roles in ‘Infidelity Can Be Fatal.’

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