Lifetime’s Murder at Blackthorne Manor: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Image Credit: Lifetime

Lifetime’s ‘Murder at Blackthorne Manor’ centers on Hayley, who professionally creates murder mystery parties at the Blackthorne Manor. However, she finds the owner’s body in the manor after an event. The game becomes a reality, and now she must work with her co-worker and boss’ business partner to unveil the culprit. The thriller movie is directed by David Benullo, who features elements of mystery and suspense effortlessly. Moreover, the perfect filming locations amplify the spooky and eerie atmosphere. So, if you’re eager to know where the bone-chilling cinematic piece was filmed, we’ve got you covered.

Murder at Blackthorne Manor Filming Locations

‘Murder at Blackthorne Manor’ was reportedly filmed in California, likely in Los Angeles. The movie’s principal photography seemingly occurred around March 2023. The Golden State is a preferred location for shooting for its varied and picturesque landscapes, from beaches and deserts to mountains and forests. There’s also the availability of local talent and high-end movie studios like Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, along with iconic shooting spots such as the Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills, and Malibu Beach. Now, let’s dive into the exact locations that can be spotted in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles, California

Most pivotal portions of ‘Murder at Blackthorne Manor’ were supposedly lensed in Los Angeles, a city on the Pacific coast surrounded by mountains, making it geographically diverse. As per reports, the cast and crew traveled across the city to shoot scenes against numerous backdrops. In addition, they likely utilized the facilities of a film studio in or around Los Angeles to tape additional sequences. The City of Angels is known for Getty Center, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and The Hollywood Sign.

The city’s infrastructure for filmmaking is remarkable, with top-notch soundstages, post-production facilities, and equipment rental houses. Besides, the variety of surroundings makes Los Angeles ideal for recording movies and TV shows based in global cities like New York City, London, or Paris. Even though the cost of filming in the city is high, the state’s attractive tax incentives help filmmakers find suitable places and backdrops at a reasonable budget. Other thriller movies that were taped in Los Angeles include, ‘The Night Agent’ and ‘Bullet Train.’

Murder at Blackthorne Manor Cast

Christie Leverette reportedly plays Haley in ‘Murder at Blackthorne Manor.’ The actress is best known for her notable roles in ‘Sistas’ and ‘A Deadly Mistake.’ On the other hand, James A. Pierce III portrays Charles Benedict. You may recognize James as Kwame from ‘Bubbly Brown Sugar’ and Andre ‘Saffron’ Williams from ‘13TH STEPPING.’

Other cast members include Bobby Slaski (Jackson), Shahjehan Khan (Gordon Ramshaw), and Trevor Lyons (Roy). Furthermore, Veronica Martell (Diana Montgomery), James Legris (Dwayne), Mike Mitchell Jr. (Reggie), and Andrea Margaret Higgins (Evie Frankle) appear in pivotal roles in the Lifetime thriller.

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