Where Was Lifetime’s My Diary of Lies Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Image Credit: Lifetime

Helmed by Dylan Vox, Lifetime‘s ‘My Diary of Lies’ also known as ‘Secret Diary of A Cheerleader,’ is a drama thriller movie that revolves around Natalie, who finally qualifies for the elite cheer squad after struggling to fit into her new school. After the untimely death of a teammate, she pens down her thoughts in a diary because she believes it’s more of a murder than an accident. However, her diary goes missing and falls into the wrong hands.

Natalie’s entries are taken out of context, and she becomes the prime suspect in the case. As everyone points fingers at Natalie, her mother, Caroline, stands by her and takes it upon herself to investigate the death and clear her daughter’s name. If you loved the suspenseful elements in the movie and wish to know which filming location elevated the aura even more, here’s all you need to know!

My Diary of Lies Filming Locations

‘My Diary of Lies’ was reportedly shot in California, the most populated state with the largest economy located in the westernmost part of the country. The filming reportedly took place around May 2022 and concluded in a few weeks. Home to Hollywood, the center of the film industry, the Bear State is a goldmine of filming sites due to its national parks, flora, fauna, skyscrapers, and contemporary architecture. So, let’s look at where exactly the Lifetime movie was filmed in California.

Los Angeles, California

There is not much information publicized about the filming locations, but the movie was seemingly filmed in Los Angeles, congruent to most Lifetime movies. The Southern California city has an expanse of varying terrains, from snow-capped mountains to vast deserts. The city is the hub of television and film production and the birthplace of Hollywood in the early 1900s.

The weather is ideal, and there’s the availability of actors, cinematographers, and other creatives in the area all throughout the year. The City of Angels embraces the dreams of many such artists who are looking for one breakthrough opportunity in the entertainment capital of the world. Venice Beach, museums, theme parks, Sunset Strip, and its nightlife truly encapsulate the city’s vibrancy.

Some of the most iconic filming sites in Los Angeles are The Griffith Observatory, Point Dume, Lower Grand Avenue, and Pink Motel. Other Lifetime movies captured in this city are ‘Secret in the Mansion’ and ‘List of a Lifetime.’

My Diary of Lies Cast

The movie stars Noémi VanSlyke as Natalie, who is known for her appearance in short films like ‘Dimmed Incandescence’ and ‘Wish.’ Laurie Fortier essays the role of Caroline, and you might know the actress from ‘The Walking Dead’ as Agatha or ‘Hemlock Grove’ as Marie Godfrey. Amanda Jones portrays Maison, who is recognized as Gina from “Wildflower’ or Sophia from ‘Headless Horsemen.’

Other cast members of the movie include Emree Franklin (Gina), Grace Patterson (Coach Crawford), Brooke Maroon (Viv), Tyler Harlow, Ian Michaels (Mr. Monroe), Nathan Kohnen (Jake Collins), Dempsey Gibson (Janitor), Jocelyn May (Louise), and Alexandra Quint (Brandi).

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