Where Was Lifetime’s Old Flames Never Die Filmed? Who is in the Cast? Is it a True Story?

Directed by Jake Helgren, Lifetime’s ‘Old Flames Never Die’ is a thriller movie that follows an accomplished novelist Kira Young’s extremely juvenile and dangerous experiences with men. After realizing that her cheating fiance might have been involved in a murder case, she returns to her hometown. However, trouble awaits her at her new destination as well. As observed in most Lifetime movies, the visuals are dark and intense, which befits the story. So if you want to know more about its filming locations coupled with other important details, we have you covered!

Old Flames Never Die Filming Locations

‘Old Flames Never Die’ was seemingly filmed around July 2021. If you’re wondering where this film was shot, we have news for you! It was apparently shot in Los Angeles, California. Let’s dive into more details!

Los Angeles, California

The film was possibly filmed in Los Angeles, which served as a filming site for multiple Lifetime thrillers. Its production house — Ninth House Films — is based in Hollywood and mainly specializes in independent, thriller, and holiday feature films. They are a highly dedicated team of professionals who work hard to deliver projects on time and meet expectations. Moreover, the company accommodates filmmakers with different ideas and concepts, enabling an open approach to cinema. Actor Cynthia Hammer shared a picture during the filming of ‘Old Flames Never Die.’

Apart from Vancouver, the City of Angels is a preferred filming spot for filmmakers making content for the network; a few Lifetime movies shot in LA are ‘Picture Perfect Lies’ and ‘List of a Lifetime.’ The city’s popularity is attributed to its pleasant weather, diverse crowd, and varied topography that ranges from hills to the sea. It also houses major entertainment companies like Paramount Studios, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros Studio, among many.

Old Flames Never Die Cast

The cast of ‘Old Flames Never Die’ features Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe as Kira Young, a successful novelist with a toxic fiance. Lowe is now known for her roles in ‘Stargate SGI-1,’ ‘The Twilight Zone,’ and ‘The L word.’ Lou Ferrigno Jr. essays the character of Weston Wade. You may recognize the actor from his roles in ‘S.W.A.T.’ and ‘Stargirl.’

Other cast members include Rich Paul (Tyson Harris), Whitney Able (Avery Greer), Preston Sadleir (Randy), Valery M Ortiz (Steph), Chris Gann (Sheriff Wade), and Leslie Stratton (Caya). The movie additionally stars Patrick McLain (Deputy Douglas), Sergei Dmitriev (Andre), Christa George, Kevin J Getchius, Cynthia Hammer, John D Hickman (Clive), and many more.

Is Old Flames Never Die Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Old Flames Never Die’ is not based on a true story. The script for the movie is credited to Jake Helgren — who also serves as the director — and the fact that it is distributed by Lifetime says a lot about the message the film tries to portray. Kira Young is a successful woman who is deceived by her husband. When she leaves him and gets involved with an old flame from high school, the latter subsequently develops an unhealthy obsession with her.

Lifetime has a reputation for developing films that represent the dark side of reality. These movies almost always have a twisted narrative in which the protagonist is an undeserving sufferer or victim. ‘Old Flames Never Die’ puts the spotlight on its female lead character, which engages the viewers’ empathy. The sense of identification they feel with the character makes the movie tick.

If we consider existing movies with similar tropes, the iconic film ‘Gone Girl‘ based on Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel is a perfect example. (In case you are yet to watch this David Fincher directorial, you may want to skip this paragraph.) This Ben Affleck starrer revolves around a woman Amy Dunne, who mysteriously disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary. As a result, the media accuses her husband, Nick (Affleck), of killing her. However, in reality, Amy is lying low and has reconnected with an obsessive ex-lover.

Another movie quite similar in terms of its character layout is ‘The Girl on the Train.’ The thriller movie follows Rachel as she sets out to get to the bottom of the disappearance of a young woman Megan, who lives next to Rachel’s ex-husband. Despite Megan having the perfect life and husband, she goes missing. The aforementioned movies have a few tropes in common — murder, love, and toxic marriages. The storylines even intertwine and sometimes build upon these themes. Hence, although ‘Old Flames Never Die’ is not a true story, it resonates a lot with viewers and has garnered a lot of appreciation.

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