Lifetime’s Road Trip Hostage: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

Image Credit: Lifetime

Lifetime’s ‘Road Trip Hostage’ is about a girl who leaves her home after her relationship with her mother begins to strain. She decides to fend for herself out of spite but soon realizes the grave mistake she made. A criminal makes her his hostage and forces her to drive him around the country. The thriller movie is seemingly based on actual events and is helmed by Kaila York. Throughout the Lifetime movie, the kidnapper and hostage duo drive around ghastly and visually haunting places. So, if you are curious to learn where ‘Road Trip Hostage’ was filmed, here’s all you need to know.

Road Trip Hostage Filming Locations

‘Road Trip Hostage’ was filmed in California, specifically in Los Angeles. The principal photography for the movie took place between November and December 2022. The Golden State has wide and well-maintained roads with smooth asphalt surfaces making them ideal for a movie about a road trip. Moreover, the steep cliffs and drop-offs add a layer of intrigue in the chase scenes or driving sequences. They provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the valleys and mountains, an incredible backdrop for most movies primarily shot outdoors. Now, let’s look at all the specific locations that can be spotted in the Lifetime thriller!

Los Angeles, California

Most pivotal portions of ‘Road Trip Hostage’ were lensed in Los Angeles, the largest city in California. The cast and crew seemingly traveled across the city to shoot numerous scenes against different backdrops. Moreover, they likely utilized the premises of one of the many well-equipped film studios in Los Angeles. The City of Angels is the birthplace of the entertainment industry and has been its center since the early 1900s. It also has a well-developed infrastructure for various productions, where filmmakers can find high-end sound stages, equipment rental companies, and post-production facilities.

Multiple skilled artists and production crew are based in Los Angeles, which makes it easier to build a community and find talented people within the circle. On top of it, tax incentives are generous and help to save a large chunk of the original production cost. The city is also home to several iconic places of interest, such as Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, and Griffith Observatory. Other movies taped in Los Angeles include ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ and ‘Bullet Train.’

Road Trip Hostage Cast

Veronica Ramirez essays the character of Emma in the Lifetime movie. ‘Road Trip Hostage’ is one of the very first projects of the talented actress. Meanwhile, Luke Charles Stafford plays the role of Rick Frye. You might recognize Stafford from ‘Secret Society of Lies’ as Nathan and ‘Megalodon Rising’ as Wilco. Furthermore, Chala Savino portrays Hilary Moreno in this suspenseful cinematic piece.

Some of Savino’s memorable performances include projects like ‘A Miracle Before Christmas’ and ‘The Salon.’ Other talented cast members are Gabriella Biziou (Detective Ramirez), Nicole Andrews (Linda Frye), Circus-Szalewski (Charles Frye), Harvey B. Jackson (Police Officer Ford), Christopher Sky (Detective Graves), and Rachel Turner (Katy).

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