Where Was Lifetime’s Trapped in the Farmhouse Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Co-written and directed by Peter Sullivan, Lifetime’s ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse’ is a thriller film that focuses on a young woman named Emma who has had a troubling relationship with her abusive boyfriend until one day, she decides to up and leave without telling him. While she is on the run from her boyfriend, a terrifying storm causes her to take shelter in a secluded farmhouse. However, little did Emma know that something far more sinister than the storm outside is waiting for her inside the farmhouse.

The thriller drama movie sees the protagonist travel from one location to the other as she stays on the run. The ever so changing backdrops, including the eerie farmhouse where much of the action takes place, are bound to make the viewers curious about the filming sites of ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse.’ If you are in the same boat, allow us to fill you in on all the necessary details and get rid of your curiosity!

Trapped in the Farmhouse Filming Locations

‘Trapped in the Farmhouse’ was filmed in California, particularly in Los Angeles County. The principal photography for the thriller movie seemingly took place in December 2022 under the working title ‘Do No Harm.’ Thanks to the vast and versatile landscape of California, it makes for the ideal filming site for different kinds of productions, including ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse.’ Now, without further ado, let us walk you through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Lifetime film!

Los Angeles County, California

Officially known as the County of Los Angeles, LA County served as the primary production location for ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse.’ The filming unit reportedly traveled across the county and set up camp at various locations to lens different scenes against suitable backdrops. The locales of the city of Los Angeles feature quite heavily throughout the movie as the production team utilized a number of neighborhoods and streets of the Hollywood-linked city.

Moreover, the small unincorporated census-designated place of Acton, near the Antelope Valley, in Los Angeles County served as yet another important filming site for ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse.’ Also considered a small residential community, Acton is home to a few parks and other sites, including Farm Sanctuary, Shambala Preserve, and Parker Mountain.

It is very much possible that the cast and crew members of the thriller movie utilized the facilities of one of the many film studios situated in Los Angeles County. In fact, the county consists of film studios of major and popular film production companies — Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures. Given its link to Hollywood, it has hosted the production of many film projects over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘Shutter Island,’ and ‘The Last Thing He Told Me.’

Trapped in the Farmhouse Cast

Jenna Michno portrays Emma in the Lifetime movie. Throughout her acting career, she has worked in a number of films and TV shows, which is probably the reason why many of you might find her face familiar. For instance, she is known for featuring in ‘Labor of Lies,’ ‘The Perfect Wedding Match,’ ‘Hot for My Name,’ ‘Big Sky Crazy,’ and ‘Those Who Wander.’ Opposite to her, Gabriel Pranter essays the role of Jack in the thriller film. You might recognize him from some of the film projects he has featured in, including ‘Time Expired,’ ‘Into the Wild Frontier,’ and ‘Mates.’

Other cast members who play supporting yet pivotal roles in the Lifetime thriller are Tryphena Wade (Deputy Schultz), Sydney Agudong (Kylie), Toni Weiss (Elena), Natalie Daniels (Vanessa), and Daniel Joo (Chris). Furthermore, Lola Paja (Betty), Garon Grigsby (Officer Neal), Dave Rose (Officer Nolan), and Robert Palmer Watkins (Brian) feature in the movie as well.

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