Where Was Love, Weddings & Other Disasters Filmed?

The most fun part of a rom-com is watching how crazy circumstances bring people closer. ‘Love, Weddings & Other Disasters’ has no dearth of romance or the disasters that weaves together the lives of six people as they stumble upon love when they least expect it. Directed and written by Dennis Dugan, the film released on December 4, 2020. It is set against the backdrop of creatively and meticulously designed weddings (thanks to Jeremy Irons’ character, Lawrence). This got us curious to know where this movie was filmed, so we dug further, and here is what we found!

Love, Weddings & Other Disasters Filming Locations

Fortunately, the movie was filmed before the pandemic swept over the world and disrupted everyone’s plans. The principal photography was carried out in September 2019. Let us take a look at the specific filming locations!

Boston, Massachusetts

‘Love, Weddings & Other Disasters’ was filmed extensively in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston has facilitated various productions over the years, such as ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘Moneyball,’ and ‘The Social Network.’ The city has many recognizable places, which have made their way to the big screen – Fenway Park, Beacon Street Bridge, Murphy’s Law, Church of the Covenant, and Massachusetts State House are only a few.

The Boston Public Garden is the first public botanical garden in America. It makes an excellent location for filming given its versatility of landscapes that range from the vast expanse of green, shaded walkways, picturesque waterfronts, and Victorian elements. The park has a reputation for its romantic atmosphere, which also sees a fair share of weddings. Well, this explains why a location like this is central to the film, which puts the spotlight on the wedding planners – Lawrence and Maggie Grace’s Julie.

In the film, Lawrence and Sarah (Diane Keaton) are on a picnic by the lake and enjoy their day as they take a walk. These scenes were filmed at the Boston Public Garden. Only a particular section of the park was used for filming, while the rest remained open to the public. The crew admitted to having difficulty keeping people away as the enthusiastic onlookers would not stop clicking pictures, mostly from the bridge near the Swan Boats.

Residential neighborhoods and local businesses were a big part of the film. Multiple scenes were shot at the East Broadway area, including some private properties such as 801 East Broadway, 787 East Broadway, and 788 East Broadway. In the same area, a few outdoor sequences were filmed involving a Cadillac, a limousine, and another sequence with horse carriages. Market Floral is a flower shop located on 661 East Broadway, which the crew used for the inside and outside shots.

Filming locations also include the third oldest Anglican parish in Boston – Trinity Church in the Back Bay, a Duck Boat on the Charles River, Revere Beach – located Located five miles North of Boston in Revere, and the former Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park. Various parts of South Boston also feature in the film.

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