Netflix’s Don’t Blame Karma: All Filming Locations of the Movie Explored

Directed by Elisa Miller, Netflix’s ‘Don’t Blame Karma!’ (originally titled ‘¿Qué culpa tiene el Karma?’) is a Mexican romantic comedy movie that revolves around Sara, a fashion designer who blames karma for her unfortunate luck, which stemmed from her sister Lucy’s curse. While she tries to run her business profitably, she starts losing her mind when Aarón, her teenage crush and now a famous musician, returns to her life. As usual, Sara’s bad luck makes her witness him set to marry Lucy after being engaged just for a few weeks. Now, she must overcome the loss of her former love as she is visited by her online boyfriend, Roberto.

To make matters more unfortunate in Sara’s life, her parents are on the brink of ending their marriage due to her mother’s desire to have an open relationship. The hilarious and romantic narrative tickles your funny bone while keeping you hooked on the Mexican movie from the beginning to the end. What might intrigue you even more are the lively locations that appear in the backdrop. Well, in that case, allow us to provide you with all the information regarding the same and put your curiosities to bed!

Don’t Blame Karma: Where Was the Movie Filmed?

‘Don’t Blame Karma!’ was filmed entirely in Mexico, specifically in Yucatán. The principal photography for the Netflix movie seemingly commenced in July 2021 and wrapped up in August of the same year. The production team added an element of authenticity to the narrative by choosing to tape most of the sequences in locations where the story is set. So, let’s traverse the specific shooting locations of the rom-com!

Yucatán, Mexico

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Don’t Blame Karma!’ were lensed in Yucatán, one of the 31 states which comprise Mexico’s federal entities. The movie’s production team primarily set up camp in Mérida, where a majority of the filming took place. They specifically visited La Negrita Cantina, a live music bar at Calle 62 esquina, C. 49 415, in the historic district of Centro. Mérida is Yucatán’s capital as well as the largest city on the Yucatán Peninsula. In addition, the town of Celestún served as a prominent shooting site for the movie, particularly Playa de Celestún.

Several portions of the Mexican movie were also recorded in Hacienda Temozon, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Temozon Sur at Km 182 Carretera Merida-Uxmal in Temozón Sur. It appears that the cast and crew members even utilized the locales of Progreso, a port city in Yucatán located on the Gulf of Mexico. Out of all the Mexican states, Yucatán is considered one of the safest ones; over the years, several filmmakers have visited the state for the production of different kinds of projects. Some notable movies and TV shows shot in Yucatán are ‘Song to Song,’ ‘Before Night Falls,’ ‘Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent,’ ‘Sortilegio,’ and ‘Apuesta Por un Amor.’

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