Where Was Netflix’s Furies Filmed?

A prequel to the 2019 movie ‘Furie’ directed by Lê Văn Kiệt, Netflix’s ‘Furies’ (titled ‘Thansoi’ in Vietnamese) is a Vietnamese action movie set in the ’90s. It revolves around three fierce vigilantes — Bi, Thanh, and Hong — who join forces to destroy the evil crime syndicate known for abusing women, led by a crime lord named Hai. While the trio of fierce women risks everything to infiltrate the crime syndicate, they soon doubt if external forces have manipulated them to act like mere instruments of vengeance in a much grander scheme.

The Veronica Ngo directorial features brilliant onscreen performances from a talented ensemble comprising Veronica Ngo, Dong Anh Quynh, Toc Tien, and Thuan Nguyen and unfolds in ’90s Saigon. The visuals take you back in time right in the middle of the action-packed sequences with several nail-biting chase scenes against the constantly changing backdrops of the vibrant city. Thus, it is natural for many viewers to be curious about the actual filming locations of ‘Furies.’ If you have been wondering the same, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

Furies Filming Locations

‘Furies’ was filmed entirely in Vietnam, specifically in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Principal photography for the crime thriller movie seemingly commenced in December 2020 and wrapped up after around four months of shooting in March 2021. So, without much ado, let’s explore all the specific sites that appear in the Netflix action flick!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The cast and crew of ‘Furies’ set up camp on location in Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon, to tape all the pivotal sequences for the action movie and maintain a high level of authenticity throughout. They supposedly traveled to different sites of the city to lens some important scenes against suitable backdrops. Moreover, they seemingly redecorated various streets and locales to make them fit in with the ’90s Saigon-based narrative.

Given the significant amount of high-paced chasing and action scenes, we cannot rule out the possibility that the production team of ‘Furies’ utilized the facilities of one of the film studios in and around the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City. Apart from the story being based in Saigon itself, another reason the city makes for a suitable shooting location for a movie like ‘Furies’ is that it is known for its vibrant street life, highlighted significantly in the movie. Besides ‘Furies,’ Ho Chi Minh City has hosted the production of hundreds of movies over the years. Hence, you can also spot the vibrant locales of the city in ‘The Roundup,’ ‘Furie,’ ‘Cyclo,’ ‘Listeners: The Whispering,’ and ‘Luc Van Tien: Tuyet Dinh Kungfu.’

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