Where Was Netflix’s iNumber Number: Jozi Gold Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘iNumber Number: Jozi Gold’ is an action thriller movie that brings together the formidable buddy-cop duo of Chili and Shoes as they orchestrate an elaborate scheme to take down organized crime in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a reboot of the eponymous franchise created by Donovan Marsh, kickstarted by a 2013 movie and followed up by a series that premiered in 2017. It revolves around burnt-out cops Chili Ngcobo and Shoes, who pull out all the stops to crack a historic gold heist in the criminal underbelly of Johannesburg and find enough evidence to take down a shifty crime lord known as the Hyena Man.

Chili successfully infiltrates the gang with his skills and Shoes’ tactical guidance, but the duo is hit by several roadblocks, threatening to blow up their whole plan. As they execute their mission, they face challenging circumstances that test their limits and loyalty to the cause and each other. Topped with the compelling performances by S’dumo Mtshali Presley Chweneyagae, the Donovan Marsh directorial is packed with adrenaline-fueled escapades and high-octane chase sequences spread across the streets of the sprawling city of Johannesburg, AKA Jozi, making many wonder about the locations where it was shot. If you’re curious about the same, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know!

iNumber Number: Jozi Gold Filming Locations

‘iNumber Number: Jozi Gold’ was filmed entirely in South Africa, especially in and around Johannesburg. Officially known as the Republic of South Africa, as its name suggests, it is the southernmost country in Africa. Thanks to the country’s versatility and vast terrains, South Africa makes a suitable filming site for different productions, including ‘iNumber Number: Jozi Gold.’ Now, without wasting time, let us give you a detailed account of all the specific locations that appear in the Netflix movie!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Most pivotal sequences for ‘iNumber Number: Jozi Gold’ were lensed across Johannesburg, where the story is set. Classified as a megacity, Joburg served as the primary setting for the crime action movie, with the production team covering various neighborhoods and streets of the city to tape different scenes against suitable backdrops. Specifically, the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge on Smit Street in Johannesburg appears in the backdrop of several sequences from more than one angle. Opened in 2003, the bridge was constructed mainly to link up two main business areas of Braamfontein and Newtown and modernize the inner city.

Furthermore, some important interior and action sequences were supposedly recorded utilizing the facilities of one of the film studios in and around the City of Gold, including Atlas Studios, Gold Island Studios, Sasani Studios, and Moon Valley Studios. Another reason Johannesburg was a suitable production location for a crime movie like ‘iNumber Number: Jozi Gold’ is its connection with crimes. Although crime levels have dropped in the city over the past several years, it is still alarming compared to other cities worldwide.

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