Where Was Red, White & Royal Blue Filmed?

Image Credit: Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

Based on the eponymous 2019 novel by Casey McQuiston, Amazon Prime’s ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is a gay romantic comedy movie starring Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine as Alex Claremont-Diaz, the son of the President of the United States and a British prince named Prince Henry, respectively, who have a lot in common despite being miles away from one another. However, when Alex visits the United Kingdom to attend a royal wedding, he gets into a physical altercation with Henry.

Before the media turns the incident into something worse, Alex and Henry’s respective families force the two to pretend to shake hands with each other. As time passes, they start getting close to each other and become friends with benefits before falling head over heels in love. Co-written and directed by Matthew López, the romantic drama film unfolds in the United States and the United Kingdom as the protagonists navigate their feelings for one another as they spend time with each other in different locations. Due to the constantly changing locations in the backdrop, you will likely wonder where ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ was shot. In that case, we got you covered!

Red, White & Royal Blue Filming Locations

‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ was filmed in England, especially in London, Kent, and Hampshire. As per reports, principal photography for the rom-com commenced in June 2022 and wrapped up in a couple of months, in August of the same year. Moreover, the production team gathered again in January 2023 for some reshoots. Now, without further ado, let us walk you through all the royal locations that appear in the Amazon Prime movie!

London, England

A significant portion of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ was lensed across London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. The production team set up camp in and around some historical and royal establishments to tape different important scenes against suitable backdrops. For instance, the Queen Anne Court of the Old Royal Naval College on Park Row in London was one of the pivotal production locations.

The scene where Prince Henry and Alex ruin the wedding cake was recorded inside the Livery Hall of the Goldsmith’s Hall in Foster Lane. Moreover, the Potomac River you see in the backdrop of various scenes is actually London’s River Thames. While there are scenes based in Washington, DC, particularly in the Oval Office, the director and his team did not move their production on-location but tried to depict Washington authentically. They took the assistance of journalists and Obama-era staffers to shape the local scenes.

Other Locations in England

The filming unit of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ traveled to another couple of locations across England to shoot additional significant portions for the romantic movie. According to reports, a private house in the town of Sevenoaks in Kent was utilized to double for a home in Texas. In addition, the Somerley House, located in Ringwood, Hampshire, is another prominent filming site that features in numerous pivotal sequences.

As important as the closet scene between Henry and Alex is in the movie, it was just as much of a nightmare for the makers to shoot the scene in such a cramped space. The director Matthew López discussed that in detail during a conversation with The Credits in August 2023. He stated, “I will be honest with you, for as lovely as that scene ended up, it was nobody’s favorite scene to film. Nobody looked back on that day and said, ‘That was a fun day.’ It was a pain in the ass for my production designer, Miren Marañón, my DP, Stephen Goldblatt, my camera operator, and the two actors. We hated it!”

In the same interview, the filmmaker was also asked about the party scene, which involved the little pause with the women looking at their phones. López also went into the details of shooting that particular scene, revealing that it was shot in two sections, six months apart. He added, “…We got all of the scene work and the beats down, and we got what we thought was sufficient party atmosphere beats. And we started to cut the film together, and I realized we just didn’t have enough. And so, we went back in January for a few days of reshoots on a couple of other things, and I got them to rebuild part of the set for me. And we brought in just a bunch of people, and we just had a big party and shot it.”

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