Where Was Reprisal Filmed?

Directed by Brian A. Miller (‘Vice,’ ‘The Prince’), ‘Reprisal’ is a 2018 action thriller film with a familial touch. The movie sees Bruce Willis playing the role of police veteran James, who helps out his bank manager friend Jacob in a mission. Jacob struggles to keep a family together while being haunted by the memories of a heist. Complete with a kidnap plot, the movie is the quintessential action thriller.

Although the film, unfortunately, underwhelmed the critics, it still packs a punch for the genre fans. Alongside Willis, Veteran star Frank Grillo delivers an action-packed performance in the cast ensemble. The film unfolds mainly in an urban backdrop, complete with a fight sequence on a bridge. However, you may want to know more about the locations where the film was shot. In that case, let us guide you to the filming locations of ‘Reprisal!’

Reprisal Filming Locations

‘Reprisal’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in the midwestern state of Ohio. Filming commenced on August 7, 2017, and was wrapped up in a strict schedule of 14 days. Interestingly, star Bruce Willis was present on set only for a day. Ohio presents a slice of quintessential Americana for directors to capture, and The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit is pretty much the cream of the cake. The tax credit provides a 30% rebate on eligible productions, plus added incentives. Let us now transport you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed!

Cincinnati, Ohio

The film was shot entirely in and around Cincinnati, a culturally vibrant metropolis in the state of Ohio on the Ohio River. The crew filmed several scenes in the iconic Sawyer Point Park & Yeatman’s Cove, a riverfront park located at 705 East Pete Rose Way in the city.

A memorable gunfight sequence was filmed on John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, a historical bridge spread over the Ohio River connecting Cincinnati, Ohio, and Covington, Kentucky. The bridge was previously known as the Cincinnati-Covington Bridge, which is still prevalent in common usage.

A portion of filming seemingly took place in the Over-the-Rhine district in the city’s heart, a section featuring well-preserved 19th-century architecture. Once a predominantly working-class German settlement, the community has seen a confluence of cultures in recent decades. Home to gastropubs, breweries, and music venues, the neighborhood now brims with a lit subculture.

Some sequences were filmed on the picturesque premises of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, a public educational institution located at 3520 Central Parkway in Cincinnati.

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